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    Liked Phil Dodson’s post in the thread A good story.
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    Havoc and his handler are doing great! He is biting strangers now in the concealed wrap hard and with no hesitation. I am giving one more bite on a stranger and then we will finally start scenario work.
    Their obedience is simply awesome now, a complete…
  • Dan

    I knew a very tough old rottweiler. Towards the end of his life he'd cuddle with a kitten.
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    Since you asked Sergio.. IMO "high quality" or even just "quality" and "kibble" is a contradiction in terms. They just don't go together.

    Raw is much cheaper and rather than saying much better I'll just say it's actually good for the dog period. For…
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    Hi Brody. 8 years is quite young to have such problems. For what it's worth with a raw diet I expect 12 years out of mine. My oldest bitch is 8 and looks and acts the same as when she was 2.

    I don't think there are any rules about what you're trying to…