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    Thanks for reinforcing Sergio-I plan on being home for the first 10 days with them to make sure the boundaries are in place.

    Also-there will definitely be no "free time" with the two of them hanging out unsupervised by me-even if the wife is home as…
  • Brody Thorne

    Thanks for the reply Dan,

    I feed this dog a super high quality kibble ($100/bag) in the am and a chicken leg quarter in the PM plus vitamins/joint formula since he was 18 months old so I am very surprised at his decline in health, which literally came…
  • Brody Thorne

    Hey guys,

    Been a while as I haven't been training outside of the odd bi-annual sharpening of my old male (8 years).

    To keep a long story short my current male has dusted hips, cancer on his lower jaw, but is otherwise moderately active, alert, and…