• Well I have acquired my first Rott (8mo bitch) which I hope to use a security dog in the future. She has (imo) pretty good prey drive and has showed the defensive side of her temperament already too.
    So I have a couple of questions'

    with bite development stuff, how much is too much? I have read that some dogs can get a bit flat if worked too much when young.

    can anyone recommend any good books or resources that are Rotty specific.


  • Hey Jarrad,

    Glad to hear your new female is making you happy.

    A prey driven dog rarely gets enough. She's still developing at this age-it will be another 12-20 months before she's reaches her potential.

    Start with very short sessions, anywhere from 3 to 5 minutes in length, and 2-5 times per day. Definitely do 2 on an empty stomach before meals so that her drive is a little higher. When you start be sure you make her miss the tug a couple of times before she gets a bite, and allow her some counters, maybe one or two before you release her with tonnes of praise the WHOLE TIME.

    The goal is to stop the game when her interest and intensity are at a peak and then start the game again later to build and build her interest. If she ever shows a drop in interest you're doing too much and take a break for a day or even three and you'll see what I mean.

    Good luck.

  • Sorry, to answer your question about rotty specific training books I havent found one of any value-even GSD or Mal specific training books would be tough to find and it depends on what you're looking for when it comes to "training".

    Most rottweiler books written by experts would be books about breeding. Guy Vershache of "Von Hexental" rottweilers wrote a very detailed book. Oliver Neubrand apparently wrote a book recently that I have yet to order but will out of respect for his accomplishments.

    Instead of looking for breed specific books look fo purpose books. For example, sport work books and videos from Micheal Ellis are great. IMO the best sport dog trainer to come out of N.A. ever. Protection and guard work you'd def need to read the "bible" the KMODT as many here use it as a reference.

  • read the dog not the book, picture every dog as breedless. it should get just what it needs nothing more or less and that is different for every dog.

  • Cheers everyone, I have a couple of vids by ellis and I have got alot out of them with my mal but i thought the rotts may have responded a bit differently than others.
    It was in one of these vids that I heard ellis talking about certain types of gsd's getting a bit flat with too much work while young.
    I have the KMODT on order.

  • Hey Dan,

    I personally havent read the book but have read all of Guy's articles about the subject, which is pretty much a summary of his book I would imagine. They are all great reads that I find very interesting. Guy is a big fan of Austrian Military lines mixed with ADRK dogs which creates a much needed diversity in the gene pool. His knowledge about European dogs is tremendous and he is very serious about very serious dogs which is what his breeding goals are. He has a couple of dogs right now that are friggin awesome if anyone were looking for a working pup.

    The next time he or Oliver are in the north east of NA for a seminar I will be going for sure.