Decoy needed

  • Last year I purchased a 3 year old German Shepherd protection dog. I located a retired Police K9 trainer that worked with me for several months. We started with on leash / off leash obedience to help with bonding phase; then into bite work. Shortly afterwards, the trainer moved to Texas and I'm back to square one. I would like to find someone in my area (30 miles south of Atlanta) to train with. Thanks for any help!

  • Good luck Yugo. Hope you find someone. I would be happy to decoy for you but im in NC. Don't know if there are any Georgia folks in here. If there are, they sure dont post much. Are you on facebook?? If so, i could invite you to a couple groups on there with a bunch of GA folks.

  • Dave, I have a facebook page with my wife: Craigand Deeanna Cardell.
    and heck ... my wife and I usually fly somewhere a couple times a month in our Mooney to get away. Pitt-Greenville is only 1:55 minutes away. lol
    Don't know how Yugo would do, he's never flown with us. Be interesting to find out.

  • Major .... I emailed the retired K9 officer who was my original decoy. He said he has an old friend from North Carolina that has a school for training trainers. He is trying to get me a phone number to see if they have a contact for my local area. Do you have any idea who this might be? I figured there couldn't be too many schools in NC that train decoys.

  • Yea hes talking about bullocks k9 where I train and decoy, or tarheel k9 in Sanford nc. Thats jerry bradshaws kennel.

  • David Kuneman at
    Jay and Jerry Lyda at
    I can't personally vouch for any of them but you can look them up on other forums and can contact them for yourself.

  • Thanks Dave. I may call them tomorrow to see if they know anyone in the Atlanta area. Watched some Youtube videos of Bullocks K9. Man I wished I lived closer!

  • Im actually filming and will be editing a really nice video for Bullocks K9 to put on the website for advertising purposes. It will be real nicely done.