Two different Rottweilers

  • Often a particular breed is touted as being "the best" protection dog. Those who know will remind you that there can be greater differences in temperament and conformation between individuals of the same breed, than dogs from different breeds. This is very true with my two male rottweilers, and it's been very interesting to observe the contrasting range of behaviors and response to training. In this thread I'll share what I learned about these two good dogs.

  • I blame most of this on show breeder and pet breeders, and not breeding tight enof with the actuall working breeders.

    Anyhow do you still have Rocky? Did ever have sucess in getting him to bark?

    We have a really nice german rott with a tail at my club in chicago, dog is very serious and his bite threw a suit feels like he is peeling the flesh off the bone. Handle aggressive but not soo bad that you cant work with it. Unfortantly most of the rotts that go threw the club are all growls and snarls with not much confidence to back it up. But then again these are all american bred dogs that arent actually bred for a purpose. Then on the other extreme we got on rott that is all prey and only mildy civil with that drive. I will say that one good german rott is one of the most capable and terrifing man stoppers I have ever seen of any breed. I Might try a rott after my bulldog dies of old age.

  • Breed should imply valid stereotypes. it does this well in phenotype . IMO that's where the stereotyping ends.

    not made easier when the only breed specifically bred ever for ppd is the dobe. everything else has ppd emerge from a secondary characteristic to in modern times the primary characteristic as traditional purpose of the breed evaporated.

    if you like a certain phenotype search within that breed.

    if you want specific traits don't limit yourself to any breed - look at the individuals .

    all my worthless opinion .

  • Matt, Rocky is dead, and it's hard for me to talk about it. I never did get him to switch on in defense, nor to be suspicious of strangers coming to my property. I realized that do that I'd have to change him too much, he simply wasn't meant to be that kind of dog. So I came to terms with it and set my mind on living with him and enjoying him for what he was. I knew that in other respects he was a top notch protection dog that would engage a threat on his own, if not on command. I felt safe leaving my family with him. It's over now.

    I blame most of this on show breeder and pet breeders, and not breeding tight enof with the actuall working breeders.

    I agree in general. But what makes you think things were so different in the glorious past? They probably just culled a lot of dogs. IMO there always was and always will be variation. In any case nowadays I want to focus on dealing with what we have now, not how it should've or could've been.

    Congratz on your interest in rotts. We need good peeps around the breed.

  • This is my 2.5 year old male Rottweiler Wulf. I got him at 2 years old. In these pictures he is shaved down. In the last pic he's after a ball on the ground. Truth be told I know how to make a dog look better than he is in pictures. In reality Wulf doesn't conform the conventional rottweiler standard. He has big paws that would normally belong on a bigger boned dog, long legs and pasterns, and a relatively thin long snout with no chest to speak of :) He's square but not in the usual way for a rottweiler I think, his long limbs don't allow him to sit comfortably on a ceramic tile floor, he just keeps sliding around and has to reposition himself :laughing: He's a big dog, right at the maximum height for a rottweiler. Haven't weighed him but I'm sure he's over 110lb.

    Nice dark eye, good earset. Ridiculous pink gums at the corners of the mouth, but good choppers. When I first got him they were full of plaque, after a little scraping with a spoon and 6 months of raw feeding they're now pearly white. He has nice dark Mahogany markings.

    He's big, strong and agile. The verdict is still not in on endurance, I don't exercise him nearly enough. He does give his all during agitation, and after a few approaches by the decoy and one engagement/bite he's huffing and puffing. But remember this is suffocating Florida heat. I think that's about it as far as physical attributes. After I describe my other dog physically, I'll get into temperament and training. In those posts I'll always compare one dog against the other, the contrasting behaviors are very interesting.

  • Dang i was about to say nice looking rott. there is an expensive rott i see each week. it has a massive balloon shaped head and a little button for a muzzle. the muzzle would be small on a small dog. on a massive head it looks ridiculous . dog is getting studded out every week.

  • Pic/link? Perhaps Wulf doesn't look so bad as I made him out to be :) Like I said he's strong, agile and bites hard, that counts for something. And if he's got decent endurance, what more can you ask for.. He just doesn't look like what some people expect of a "well bred" rottweiler. But he will out work %99 of them.

    We have a really nice german rott with a tail at my club in chicago, dog is very serious and his bite threw a suit feels like he is peeling the flesh off the bone.

    BTW Matt, now you understand why back when you were taking live bites and posting those pics, I said you wouldn't be doing that with a serious biting dog.

  • Most NA bred rottweilers are bred by people who have never worked a rott nor plan on working what they produce. That has been, and forever will be the problem with people over here breeding dogs (regardless of breed). People like Dan and a few others out there that are in the game know what they're looking to improve and produce in a breeding and it aint for weak handlers or tough guys with zero exerience in dogs that want a "rottie". BTW I hate that term.

    IMO 90% of what a rottweiler should be is between the ears. My last male was all that and a tray of muffins when it came to man work, tracking, and OB but his ears were funny looking at rest. Gorgeous head peice, body of a truck, bonded to me like crazy, but those damn ears drove me crazy to look at-lol. WIth nice ears he would have been perfect for me at that time in my life.

    My current dog is about half as powerful and a little less tight with me but he is a beautiful dog. I get compiments on his conformation all the time and he is a solid working dog, but for me he is less rottweiler than my previous male.

    Go figure.......

    Variations are far ranging in rottweilers today outside of the ADRK. The German's are still improving the quality of dogs and there are some kennels that are fine with strong specimens that Matt speaks of in good supply. I read up on the breeding list every month on the website to see who's breeding what and the stuff is impressive. All working titles, korung's, ect. are listed with each pairing. I am only assuming because I dont live in Germany that a large majority of these pups will have the genes to work and do personal protection based on their lineage. Also, it's very politcal in Germany so if you're producing weak, shitty dogs, even in one litter, you're pretty much done as a breeder over there. I think that type of pressure is a good thing.