Rottweiler standard

  • A question for Dan and others with Rott experience:

    What is your interpretation of the standard, and by that I mean what type of dog do you see as typical or A typical on the progressive positive end? In physical, behviour, and character of course. Every breed has its ideal and I'd like to see how that is impressed upon us that love the breed and desire one as a companion.

    I'll wait for responses to give my take.

  • Disclaimer i have never seen a trained working rott...except in vids. all my opinions are really just personal fantasy.

    For shits and giggles here goes.

    the rott is characteristic of the american bandogge culture even tho that crowd hate rotts. the dog is better described as an LGD type mentality with the L replaced by a P. the ideal rott is driven by emotion and love for its people. it takes as an affront the trespassing on its property and will retreat to a defensive position of its beloved human pack. it will act instinctively and use its weight and bite force to knock down pounce on a negate the threat with vengeance. the rott is happy just watching over its pack without the need for constant motion or stimulation to be happy and centred. the rott will have disinterest in its wider environment and can without training walk off leash and show nothing more than curiosity at a rabbit that jumps out from under it's nose and takes off thru the bushes. the rott will tolerate his masters children and children's friends climbing all over it . the rott is of a molloser mind set and should never be trained as a herder. that would be foolish and wrong for the dog. it should also never be judged on the trial field to the same criteria as the herder. the ancient rott is the archetype of the modern bandogge. the modern rott is just confused about its purpose when paraded as a object in a beauty pageant or expected to perform in the mindset of the herder.

    that's all i got i just made it up from the first thing that came to my head. rott lovers please forgive me.