Hate to say it

  • just tryin to make excuses here -

    1. as they are the only dog bred for PPD then maybe this test is not geared toward their genetics - ok prolly not gonna work.

    2. well i could get any number of gsd, rott, belgium shepherd who would look just as bad or worse - yep i think i got you there...or not

    3. only a short clip that you can't use as a basis to judge the dog/s - yeah not gonna work either

    4. you don't know how they were trained and that clip could just reflect bad training on otherwise awesome dogs..... yeah, no.

    4. ah fuggit, yep very sad indeed.

    ok take this - i bet those dogs sell for bigger bucks on average than any of yr awesome working dogs you can show me, got you there.

    i still think type wise they are my style of dog.

    what's with the big weight pulling style harnesses???