Walking your dog

  • Hey guys,

    Just got back from a 2 hour hike with the family/dog through some thick woods and snow. He has two chicken legs deep in his belly and snoring like an old man right now at my feet. I love the feeling of knowing he got a good workout and is dead tired.

    This is of course after our regular morning walk of 30 minutes at 6am and has me wondering how often you guys walk your dogs. What's the minimum and what's over doing it in your opinions? Remember that a walk is not purposeful exercise like a long hike or some of the tire dragging stuff Chad showed in his video. It's just a walk.

    I'll wait to see some replys before I give my take.

  • I'm training the younger rott now, I make it so it's exercise for me. I will increase the pace and run, expecting the dog to heel at that pace, then slow down to do other obedience exercises. It takes about 30 minutes and I'd like to do it every week day. Eventually I want to run longer with the dog at heel. If I had the possibility to take take dog for a hike I surely would.

  • I walk Hoss around the neighborhood for about 20 minutes once a day after work but I wish I had more time in the morning for a couple laps around the block. I think most working "inside" dogs will do good with at least one solid walk a day but a few would be even better.

  • More than a dozen times I've heard the ''advice'' about not taking my ''young'' dog to walks or even allowing him jump too much 'cause he is growing -_-!

    Anyone who is a proud owner of a working breed dog (Dobes, GSD, Rotts etc...) knows that, unless you are willing to chain your dog to a tree 24/7, its nearly impossible to restrain him from running and jumping around ALL DAY LONG!

    A 2 hour hike seems OK but remember that some heavy dogs might have difficulties running long distances like the Rott who might perform better pacing himself and lowering the intensity and that with pups you should increase the distance over time and with caution :)

  • Thx for the replies folks.

    Dan, is your run with a heel on leash or off? Mine are on leash or else he'll stop to poop mid way through:nono:

    Sergio-I totally get what you say about gradually increasing distance, intensity, and time with working breeds as pups-especially rotts who take 2 years for their bones to fuse completely. However, with my dog, he is 4-soon to be 5 in March and is not heavy by any stretch for a rott at roughly 95lbs. He's also a cattle driving dog by heritage and is meant to rome long distances with various speeds and tasks to perform his job. A 2 hour hike in the woods is definitely not pushing his boundaries.

    I have always walked my dogs a mile to a mile and a half at 5:30am and 6pm EVERY day outside of when they are boarded (about 20 days/year). The walk can be substitiuted with a run when in season (April-November). The walks last 20-30 minutes depending on route and distance. I have found that my dogs have always been very lean, free of any health problems, and never have accidents in the house because of this. When I am gone, my wife walks the dog too-it's just part of what we do as dog owners. There are days when I am sick, tired, or just plain dont want to do it but I know the benefits and owe it to my dog to get him the fresh air and stimulation he needs. A dog is 97% wolf and they roam miles and miles-imagine if any of us were cooped up inside almost our whole lives? I always keep this in the back of my head whenever I get the lazy bug in my ear telling me taking a day off is OK.

    I see people's dogs who never get walked and they're always wound the hell up like crazy. It's obvious the dog has no life but training and living in its run or crate. It's sad to see but too many people are lazy as hell and set in thier ways-my old man is one of them...............I cant believe people sell him dogs.:confused1: