"Rottie People"

  • Sooo this afternoon I'm about to take my dog for a run and the guy installing garage doors on my neighbours house sees him in my garage.....

    Rottie guy-"Why does he have a tail? Looks weird?"

    Me-"Usually if they do have a tail they're good ones that come from Europe"

    Rottie guy-"How's that?"

    Me-"Because they havent docked tails in Europe for 20 years and most European countries have strict working breed standards unlike here".

    Rottie guy-"That's not right. Do you know why they are not supposed to have tails? Do you know what they were originally bred to do? They herded cattle and the cows used to step on thier tail so the good breeders bred that out of them."

    Me-"They're all born with tails bud."

    Rottie guy-"I have owned three rotties and they all had no tail when I got them. The one I have now is 140lbs. Is yours a puppy?"

    Me-"No, he is 5 years old and 140X's the dog of any pet rott I've seen around here."

    End of conversation.......why does everyone who owns a pet rottweiler persist in the same conversation of educating people on the breed and talk about how big and tough theirs is? I can't stand other rottweiler owners in Canada for this reason. I have only come across one other person in this country that gets the breed and knows their shit. Drives me completely nuts and irritates me beyond my wits. It's a curse I swear. They all have similar personalities and tell the tallest tails about thier dogs protectiveness and strength ect. ect......

    I swear these people do more harm to the breed than the dogs that bite people do.:angry5:

  • I feel ya' that's why I keep my conversations to a minimum. Here it goes exactly this way %95 of the time.. "hey nice rottie", me - smile or nod and keep walking or look away. Next is "is it American or German?" which solicits an answer. But at this point I already know their mind better than they know themselves so I say "I don't know, what do you think?". Some shut up then, others in response start with the usual BS about how their grandmother had one that weighed 150lb blah blah.. but at that point I already turned away from them. I think most of them are looking to get into a discussion where they get to express their stupid ideas. I refuse to give them the opportunity to do that.

    This weekend I had one that actually made me laugh. A drunk guy on a bicycle passed us and in a raspy drunk drawl kinda like how you'd say waaatsuuuuuuuuup said "LOOK AT THAT FAAACE!"

  • HA HA HA! You have to laugh about that one!

    I think I'm going to take your approach Dan-just keep walking. So funny about you saying you know them better than they know themselves-I feel exectly the same way. I wonder if this is a RW thing or a breed thing in general? I haven't owned other protection breeds personally so I wouldnt know but when it comes to Rotts anyone who has ever known someone with one is an expert......

    Oh and I love it when they ask if mine is "friendly". I always answer with an absolute "No, and he will nail you if you try to pet him". That gets some interesting looks.