CO's that bite well

  • Brody Thorne wrote:

    I've seen Dogo's screaming for mercy after 5 minutes against a CAO and another vid where the Dogo destroyed every LGD he came across within 2-3 minutes so what does that prove about each breed's ability to tolerate pain in a fight?

    Please send me the link to the video of the Dogo screaming for mercy I would like to see it. It is not about one dog being able to beat another it is the fact that even the losing dog doesn't cur and that's a trait of gameness. Which I feel will give any dog of equal drive a huge advantage when making a comparison.

    I also would appreciate anyone else's idea of a test with the most accurate results. I like the one with trying to put him on his back, Brody was that in a muzzle or done with a suit?

  • This thread has taken a turn for the worse imo.

    Not gonna watch the clips cos I don't need to see a bunch of illiterate morons living out their macho fantasy thru dogs pitted against each other, scum of the earth.

    ETA: more importantly the ONLY tests that are valid for selecting or proving dogs for man work are strangely testing them on a man.

    Nearly all breeds have been tried, only a few consistently cut the mustard. You can sift thru hundreds of individual off breeds to get one that works or you can go straight to proven lines. Generally works out cheaper, less time consuming and with a higher probability of success to do the latter.

    I will even go so far to say breed is far less important than individual lines with a specific mating combo and careful selection of a suitable pup that follows. And even then like the rest of us, you hope for the best.

    All of this assumes the trainer is actually competent or its all null and void.

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  • Dogs were tested while in the suit-doing so in a muzzle would be unfair to the dog.

    Muzzling a dog is for proofing, the decoy has to act submissive to the dogs attacks or you f up the dog.

    I agree with Pete and I will say that if one truly is looking for an all world dog they will need all world help from very good decoys + they better be looking 5 years out at what's being bred and produced in certain lines. IPO titles don't tell the story-you have to see for yourself. I'm even considering going to Germany in three years to watch the ADRK DM championships just to see the top dogs myself so that I know what dogs are serious and which one's are working in crazy prey.

  • Good source of dogs is on the sidelines of a knpv trial. Some of the most civil high powered dogs sell for next to nothing cos the agencies and vendors don't want them.

    unsocial aggressive dogs are not worth much compared to the money they can get for social, high prey, highly trainable dogs.

  • Sometimes the dogs being sold for dirt cheap are dogs that can't place too Pete.

    At some trials they literally shoot the dogs that don't place when they get home like it's all the dogs fault and not the handler. I personally worked a dog that was going to be put down for placing third in a trial and his owner bought him for 50 euros. Dog ended up getting his ring 3 and IPO II-was a total stud and sired many good working litters some of which are current PSD's. He was also very social-could pet him and play ball with him 20 minutes after working him on the field. He had a nice blend between prey and defense. A very fine working dog he was.

    To think someone was going to get rid of a dog like that is unreal.

  • Nice post Matt!

    A very good sample of dogs to look at.

    Some of them were straight pissed and putting everything they had into their attack-a few were huge animals too.

    The breed attack style is very intense, almsot a wild-nervy assault and they re-grip a ton. If I ever work one of those dogs I'll be wearing nothing short of a suit and make sure every clip and strap are done up tight as hell. Some of those decoys were very good, moved extremely well. I'll bet when a day of training is done there's a few vodkas thrown down to numb the soreness from those bites.