second leg session

  • I wouldnt go as far as to say "we" dont know what our dogs would do if the shit hit the fan Pete but I will agree that those mals probably put on a show in training-I did go into detail about why and how those less than adequate dogs end up in the SS when posting about the video.

    I know dogs that I have worked that bite a certain way will absolutely fuck me up if they have the chance and also know without hesitation that my current dog falls into that league of animal. He is selectively bred through over 100 years of working rottweilers and he has never had a bad day of training and bit a decoy for real because he left the suit open-guy pucked his guts out from the pain and the dog had him for less than one second. Every video I have of him from the time he was 20 months old he bites hard, full, and counters on top of the bite thus showing me that he is full of confidence while fighting a man. He's also been tested in a muzzle numerous times and passed with flying colours. So factually it is not a fact that I dont know what he would do if I sent him to bite someone. I know with absolute certainty that he would enjoy the opportunity and I dont take my responsibility as an owner of such an animal lightly.:toast1:

  • Dan you prolly seen heaps already but will post a clip re the delicate technical process the knpv invests hundreds of hours into pups to get get the pushing bite, it is like teaching a kid to play violin.

  • check this out, pup has been doing this since 12wo. the decoy, highly experienced is playing the dog like catching a fish on a fly lure.

    only the master decoys have this much sensitivity and timing, typical of knpv training the pushing bite.

    sure the dog has the genetic potential but lets not downplay the finesse and hours of training;

  • The link is bad but it doesn't matter I don't need to see it. I get dogs biting like this from other breeds, including my own rottweilers, with absolutely green decoys that are just following my instructions. I truly don't understand the need to do this early bite development. Maybe this way they can sell the dogs at a good price early.

  • I'd agree with you Dan-most clips out there of pups doing bite work are to showcase what someone is producing in pups. It's nice to see a young dog enjoying the biting game but doesnt show much as to what they'll turn out to be as adults.