Any harm done by encouraging the dog's prey drive?

  • Hey guys, so I just noticed that there is no prey development phase in the Koehler Method. Instead the initial goal is to create suspicion in the dog and build his confidence. In the KM the decoy does not run around like prey, he oozes from concealment and skuttles along like a crab. Will I set my dog's training back if I develop its prey drive before she goes through her Koehler training? If I believe Ed Frawley from Leerburg, then I absolutely must encourage the dogs prey drive or it will have no where to go mentally when it's stressed in defense. I think that's how he puts it.
    Thank u.

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  • You have it wrong, I assume many novice and experienced handlers also don't get it when they give kmogdt a glance over. Koehler's method is huge on prey drive, so huge in fact that I can't follow it to the letter with some rottweilers because they'll get locked in prey. Frawley is right but most people misinterpret what he's saying, they think prey drive applies to ball/rag/tug/sleeve/bitesuit. In fact Koehler puts the dog's prey drive straight on the man right from the beginning, it's the running away that does it. That's the best way to do it. Also great for novice decoys because there's almost nothing they can do to mess it up/inadvertently put too much pressure on the dog. You have a long and interesting road ahead of you if you really want to get to the bottom of these things. But you'll never truly understand it until you see a skilled decoy work and the effect it has on a dog. If you read about it in other forums as I get the feeling you've been doing, %99 of the posters don't have a clue about what I'm talking about.

  • think of it this way, domestic animals like dogs have been fed, cleaned, given shelter from humans since birth, they have watched their mother's do same.

    it is a big psychological barrier to go from that to

    a. gain suspicion
    b. think they have the power to control, dominate and drive off the human.

    these are no small barriers for a dog to overcome or even think they are allowed or supposed to.

    then the last big, real big, barrier is to think they could ever put teeth on.

    KM steps a dog thru this and even better tells you when you should decide not to try take the dog any further for to do so would be unethical for the particular dog.

    more humane imo of taking a scared dog and progressing it thru as a prey game.

    not all dogs are born equal even from the same litter.

    three words; decoys, decoys, decoys.

  • That was some explanation of the KMODT pete :thumbsup2:

    Am gonna stretch one point

    Testing the dog should be top priority, very few dogs wich failed the testing period will become PPDs and forcing such dog into manwork is UNethical IMO

  • Would you say that dogs that are genetically wired for pp work are happiest when using the skills they've developed during training?