leg bites - under duress

  • Hi,
    Here is a vid of one of my dogs dealing with an attacker on a slippery floor, with an additional distractor.

    Apologies if I have not managed to hyper link the vid, I am new to the forum and I am a complete caveman re technology.

    In which case you might have to copy and paste it then go to youtube.


    Gee :thumbsup2:

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  • Kick to the face-money.

    That's how that white house dog should have reacted-not taking it and getting rattled.
    A strong dog like that nails anything that comes within range and hits it hard.

    Wicked post-keep up the great work.

    BTW-I wouldn't wear those pants but I am getting up there:eek:

  • Let me tell you first of all, that's one tough dog :thumbsup2:

    Even I would had failed that if my life had depended on holding to that leg :laughing3:

    Congrats Gee, hope to see more vids of your dogs