What would you do?

  • Hi Chad,
    Watched the vid, very hit and miss, mostly not your dogs fault.
    Not quite sure why your decoy was taking the dogs lead.

    Now when you say give you a scenario, do you mean you have a choice in your library available now or are you saying you will at some stage in the future do that
    scenario ? :confused1:

    I did go to your website and could see zero extreme stresses, hope you are hiding them else where? :)


  • Chad here is another 1. :thumbsup2:

    Now this is the stuff many police forces worldwide use on a daily basis to scare the shit out off dangerous dogs.

    They use it because it WORKS, typically when they are raiding a premises which they know has a dangerous dog in situ - more often than not a pit bull or other bully type.

    I use it to test the dogs determination to engage.

    This is EXTREMELY tough on the dog, blocking all his senses.
    Most dogs WILL run a mile, now I am sure you are going to show me your decoy emptying 10KG of this stuff on to your dog lol?

    I will predict a couple off things - looking at the vids on your web site, your dog is very slow and unsure in engaging, the very first vid he is behind you, at the side off you and never truly wants to go forward - no danger off him pulling you off your feet to get at the bad guy.

    In real life that equals a dead handler.

    This stuff would make his mind up before he does lol. :)



  • Gee- that was the first time I used that decoy and I don't know why he grabbed the lead either. I was happy with the results from the dog though. He did what he was supposed to.

    Please don't forget your the one claiming to train with EXTREME duress not me. I do not have a video that I would consider to be made under heavy pressure nor did I make that claim. But compared to a video of a 70 year old man playing victim to your dog or a leg bite video where he is in a harness waiting on the decoy to come in and was that your daughter or wife doing being the distraction while your dog was in the bite? YOU labeled that video under duress and I don't see it.

    I want to keep this friendly. If you want to compare videos obviously it would be one made in the future with the same criteria.

  • Chad - this is what a dog looks like who REALLY wants to nail the bad guy, no skirting about, no humping equipment, and absolutely no chance this dog will let the decoy pick up the lead and take him for a walk, as per your vids lol.


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  • Gee, you're posting badly formatted links for the youtube videos, I fixed them. This is the code you need to grab, note the S is removed from https://

    1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SySbI9NPeDk

    How old is the GSD in the videos now?

    A muzzle is an invaluable training and demonstration tool. If the dog is fighting with a muzzle on, I can't see any way how that could reflect badly on it.

  • Chad - you are a joke.

    My leg bite vid - is on a slippery floor, the decoy runs at the dog, delivers a real civil kick, the additional distractor is not my wife or daughter - she is a poilce dog handler.

    I am not stating the leg bite vid is extreme, however it poses more stresses than all your web site vids combined lol.

    Your dog humping the jacket in your street attack is hilarious, your pride and joy has his toy, and he aint interested in the bad guy, then your decoy picks up the lead on your muzzle vid and your dog goes troting of with him.
    You did say this would be fun, yep your vids sure are funny..


  • Hi Dan,
    Thanks for fixing the links, and the code - appreciated.

    Apologies for rising to Chads juvenile challenge, would not have bothered if I had checked out his web site first lol.:)

    The dog in the vid is four years old.

    I have a brood bitch, and a 13 month old Czech bred female, whom I am currently working on.

    She is currently mentally too immature re serious man work, but she will hopefully follow in the others foot steps. :thumbsup2:


  • Gee- for a hobbit you sure like to talk a lot of shit. I understand why you need a protection dog. You still haven't produced a single video showing that your dog is what you make him out to be. So until you produce something of substance your the joke. Did you forget once again your the one that started the you post one I'll post one shit? Keep playing with your pussy dogs and shut the fuck up.

  • Ouch, touched a raw nerve there, me thinks.

    Yep, I'l continue working with those pussy dogs, and you carry on playing with your boxer.

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  • Let's dial down the insults guys-you're both above that as people and have very good intel to share on this fourm. I'd hate for this discussion to turn into a pissing match...although that may be too late:nono:

    When it comes to testing dogs with pressure IMO when a dog will keep fighting on his back with pressure (blows/hits) on him that's the sign of a dog with no quit. The hose, fire extinguisher ect can all be conditioned into a dog (strong dogs) but when put on their back in a fight half of dogs let go and nip at the ankle on their way out of the situation at best. The one's that I have tested this way that hang on and keep fighting have all been awesome dogs that I knew going in would pass without a doubt-only through experience can you read this in a dog.

    That's the test I use as a final proof to a dogs staying power mentally-in a corner too with no escape. If they pass you know it's not prey (because the biting object in being pressed down on the dog) and you know they wont give up when in a losing position. I don't think pain plays into the equation. I've been in many fist fights growing up and never felt a thing-not once, but knew if I was losing based on my position and how many blows I was recieving vs delivering but I never gave up. I believe it's the same for a dog fighting a man.

  • Hi Dan,
    Yep - though it seems a bit harsh, it was the middle of winter and they were very rare daisies.:)

    Followed your instructions re clearing browser cache - thanks, for some reason Google Chrome and me posting don't seem to get along. (If it happens again, will probably try internet explorer when posting).