First I have ever heard of this

  • I honestly cannot imagine a scenario where a rescued dog literally attacks and kills its new owner, who is an able bodied, experienced dog owner not to mention attack the other two people in the home.

    If you read the articles online this is the first time that one single rottweiler has killed a middle aged man on its own.

    I am left scatching my head.

    Man attacked, killed by newly adopted dog | WBBJTV West Tennessee's News Channel | Local News

  • Very strange.

    I know the potential exists for a dog to sever an artery with a bite. But I don't know how likely it is. Barring that I can't imagine how the dog could've killed the man. It would've had to be a persistent attack. Dogs put on the defense normally back off after a bite or two.

  • My thoughts exactly Dan,

    The dog was with him and his adult son three hours earlier and the dog was friendly-showing no signs of shyness or agression. To kill a man would mean a serious and unrelenting attack. By the looks of the dog it was not well bred and most likely not well trained.

    99.9% of people with a capable animal would have spent countless hours and money training/working a dog up to a level that would kill a man and would never let it end up in a shelter-even if it meant eating dog food themselves.

    I really do this one was on video-not the end result but what actually triggared the attack. There are tons of pit bull videos out there but very few rotts biting people for a reason. Like you said Dan, they are much more likely to bite once or twice ina defensive manner rather than all out attack.

  • Good facts to post Chad.

    283 over 9 years is 31 deaths per year making it literally one in a million chances to die from a dog bite in the US. More people are killed by drunk drivers ever week compared to dogs but that doesnt make very good front page news.

    Given the fact that most deaths from dog bites are on children under 11 years old or the elderly the risk to healthy adults is almost zero in terms of death risk.

  • Sad story, this will not only reduce adoptions but also fuel the ''agressive breeds'' frenzy -_-!

    I read the article and it doesnt provide much details on what exactly happened but I think Dan's severed artery theory might be it, also the man was 67yrs so he wasnt that young either. A rott is a big powerfull dog, even myself with 25yrs and 180lb have some trouble handling them in certain situations.

    Im also going with the idea that a heart attack or even a stroke could have sealed that man's fate. Heck, we've all been taken to the ground by a big exited dog at least once right? So maybe it was just an unfortunate accident? Maybe he hitted his head on something while falling?

    Anyways thats just MO

  • All good points Sergio.

    Never thought about the heart attack as a possibility.

    Guess until the autopsy comes out...if ever available we'll be speculating.

    None the less this is a rare event.