sick sticks and vomit guns...

  • I have been following developments in non lethal weapons for some time. Due to the political fall out of casualty count the field has seen some good funding. A lot is pure BS but some is legit.

    You could argue the taser is the most successful outcome to date.

    Just thought I would share. Lots of articles embedded in this link.

    Video: Hardware Hackers Build $250 Puke Ray Gun | WIRED

  • Very interesting, also the puking gun is rather simple to buid. I saw a prototype while in college a couple years ago, sick stuff.

    At the end of the day, having a non lethal weapon is better than having no weapon at all :)

  • My little bro was a light and sound guy for live bands, he covered a lot of this stuff in a workplace health and safety course for his job.

    Apparently strobe lights can induce epileptic fits in people with epilepsy.

    Some ancient Greek apparently used mirrors to blind an attacking fleet and burn their ships according to mythology.