Agitation and OB

  • So this is more of a question than a real post

    How do you schedule your OB session in relation to your Agitation sessions?

    Ill explain further, I do not start any agitation unless the dog has at least 8 weeks of OB training, thats a personal thing but once I start with the bite program, ill do OB only 3 times a week and always with at least 12 hours of diference from the agit sessions.

    Ive seen some members in my club who either stop completly the OB training or schedule it right after/before the bite session, what is your take on this subject? How do you handle the OB/Agitation balance?

  • I can't tell if yr obed is in completely different sessions ie no bite work or not?

    The IPO clubs here do tracking on a separate night and do obed first then lock dog in crate for a rest then bring it back out to do bite work, all done on the same night. Young dogs are not given obed while doing bite work.

    Of course dogs preparing for trial the obed and bite work are the same thing done together.

  • I dont like to do Bite work and OB on the same session Pete, at least not at the beginning

    I see what you are saying with the IPO ppl training the whole course before a meeting, Ill do the same with an advanced dog but it seems like a lot to take in for a newb one

  • Obedience has 2 purposes. . To teach the commands and for the handler to establish leadership position. In obedience - I am in charge - leadership position. In protection after I command the dog to attack - dog is in charge until I say otherwise and I want the dog to understand that in protection after the command it is his game. If you put too much rigid obedience on the dog prior to training of protection then softer the dog is and more dominant you are more he will look up to you for leadership during protection and it may even go to the point that the dog may not want to go into defense or he may abandon a bite when such handler is coming near the dog. That may be true in prey or defense. Tougher the dog less this is true but some residual influence of what I have said above is always there.
    IMO - with my dogs I live with I make sure that dogs comes 100% before I start protection. Nothing else. Except come, no and good boy/girl. Then when dog understands that in protection I want from him to go full bore with prejudice, then I finish obedience. That way I preserve the attitude of the full bore on command protection because the dog learned it first and what the dog learns first he does best, likes most and reverts to under stress. IMO there is always plenty of time to do obedience especially if you live with the dog.
    Also during first learning phase of protection I absolutely do not do outs and just lift the dog off