Basic agitation

  • Today we had a trainer from Argentina giving some tips to us at the club. He asked to test some of the dogs to see the overall level of the team

    Here is a vid of my girl gettin some agitation done, the trainer liked how she worked and I was pleased as well

    Am currently working with the agitation chain but since I didnt had it with me, we had to improvise :thumbsup2:

  • Hey dan, I was starting to think u were on vacation already =)

    This is her 6th session although this wasnt an oficial session in my eyes (no agitation chain and the decoy worked without hiding at the dogs response)

    It was only for the new trainer to get a glimpse of the dog's level

    She is currently at the first level of agitation (KMODT)

  • You know I would have utilised that nice fence and put the decoy on one side of it and left the dog off leash, IMO.

    Nice short session tho, girl def paid attention and barked well.

  • Thanks pete, she is progresing fast

    Thats a good idea, the fence between the agitator and the dog, ill give it a go next time :thumbsup2:

  • Sergio - good tight chain - always a good sign.

    At no stage did she try and go to the side or behind you.

    Keep up the good work. :thumbsup2:


  • Typical green Dobe-I also agree that there were not any signs of avoidance.

    For sure use the fence-increase the intensity through it.

    Keep it up buddy:thumbsup2:

  • Thanks for the ecouraging words guys, ill try to keep the forum updated with Cami's progress :thumbsup2:

  • Dan, she is 1yr and 9 months old

    She just started to exibit signs of agression towards strangers 3 months ago, thats when I tested her :)