When enough is enough

  • Starting a new thread because Pete's questions to Chad do raise a good topic.

    I've been thinking about the whole frequency issue for a while in terms of what a PPD needs. My current dog hasnt had a serious bite since the fall and there's nothing that leads me to believe that he would perform any different regardless of if he even got another one again. With him turning 6 years old on Monday the chance of a training injury increases significantly so for me I'm weighing out the odds of doing it at all together again with him unless I know the decoy personally. I keep him in great shape still but rottweilers being rottweilers his joints prob only have one or two good years left in them-three if I am extremely lucky. None the less I consider him ready for action. Sometimes you just know your dog that well-in six years he has never been broken or shown a sign of not being nuts about engaging in every scenario he has been through so the point of more scenarios is just that and to prove nothing but what I already know.

    Reason I say this is that if George St. Pierre got in a fight today after retiring from UFC three years ago would he be any less dangerous or ready to fight someone? I think not. Guy is still in great shape and there's not any chance of him forgetting how to engage someone and lay a beating on them.

    Dogs are the same and in a way simpler as they have one method of attack (biting).

    Once a dog has been brought up and readied he/she will be that way for the rest of its life. Think a retired PSD would not bite someone if they were permitted? I wouldnt take my chances.:)

  • Injury is scary, my dog is kamikaze after a ball, prolly more chance of injury than bite work.

    I am going to quiet the jumps. I guess I was showing off my dog and demonstrated he was better than most other people's dogs jumping shit. I really regret being so dumb as to feel the need to show off with my dog, just more wear and tear and risk.

    Yeah I really don't believe yr dog will lose much unless you over-socialise/de-tune him too much.

  • Whatever the dog goes nuts for=highest risk for injury.

    Almost like their greatest strength is thier achilles hence why it's best for us to make the call on each and every situation and dial things back as a dog goes into its last 1/3 of it's life.

  • I agree with you Brody, The best thing you can do is keep your dog in great shape. Also work with him in obedience and always socialize him. I hear cattle type breeds are able to remember training and commands even though they haven't practice them for a few years. I also read that a 10yr old Rottweiler is like an 81yr old person. So to me the best thing you can do is keep them in shape, healthy and keep there stamina up.

  • Pete always asking the real questions :laughing3:

    We like to think that is US who teaches the dog to BITE but in reality, the dog is born with such ability and all we really do is to teach the dog WHEN, WHERE and WHY to bite. The rest is purely instinct or lack of :(

    So, once you've finished ''tunning'' the bite there isnt much else you can acomplish by training. The insctint is there and I can assure you it wont fade for lack of practice.

    The amount and frequency of training is, like most decisions, a matter of what you want to acomplish. If you want a dog who will protect you (we spent millenia breeding them because of that insctinct), just polish the bite enough for it to be efective and let nature be nature. On the other hand, if you require the dog to perform much more complex and in some cases ''unnatural'' tasks like the case of a PSD or a SportDog (IPO, KNPV, etc), you will need to drill the dog day and night in order to keep him ''tuned''

    Brody, George St. Pierre would definitely kick my, yours and even pete's asses combined but he would get demolished if put right now on a title fight. Profesional athletes train for the same reason a PSD do, to perform at the TOP of their abilities =)

  • I was always a Frank Mir (spl) fan, one cool fighter under pressure. I don't think he ever bothered to get in top gear. Just happy to get his pay check. I think in reality he would be a dangerous SOB. The rest try to hard, what you see is their best.

  • That's percisely my point,

    Even though GSP is not championship ready-he could still destroy 99.9% of the poplulation in 30 seconds or less much like a dog that's been highly trained in every scenario possible who take some time off. He's not sharo or tuned in as a dog training three times/week but he is still 99.9% effective.

  • GSP is a freak of nature, I don't think he represents the average human with or without training. Haven't followed it lately but is he still active in comp, how old is he now?

    I think that pendulum has swung back to strikers but haven't really kept up.