Bite work on initial phases

  • Ive been absent for a month or so because I just moved to Brazil :) but here is a video I wanted to share of Cami doing some work with a visitor trainer...

    Nothing out of the ordinary, just some agitation and some bites. The decoy was visiting from argentina and seemed more oriented to Dog Sports but I didnt mind.

  • Thanks guys

    Dan, she turned 2yrs a couple weeks ago. I was aiming for a regular PPD, a stable dog who will protect me under most circumstances and who is able to asses a situation and act upon it with o without my command. This video is just some random bites without much purpose but in reality, i've already test her under heavy pressure and with up to 3 decoys at the same time and she performs ok. She had some trouble with the bamboo switch but we managed to supress her fear.

    I'd like to do some car highjacking work but due to my moving out of the country I might not be able to do that soon :(

    To be honest, i wasnt expecting her to get this far. She was a mild pup, submisive and even scaredly at times :laughing3: luckyly for me she matured at 15m and was able to pass the Koehler test

    The guys at my club keep nagging me to try some PSD training but Im not fully convinced yet :D