Laying Foundation for Multi-Talented Dogs

  • I'm working currently on obedience training my 9mo Beagle/Boston Terrier, and I've been looking for information from various sources. Since I've recently joined here, I figured I'd pitch some questions to this community after reading through a few of the threads in Puppy Development section.

    Age of Maturity

    [INDENT]At which point should I be considering my dog mature? She is a rather high energy dog; she's very responsive to command until we come across the few things that are still strong stims for her even despite the training (though I recently started using KMODT so things are changing sufficiently); she's very proud, so instilling in her that she's doing something right is easy, she responds very quickly to praise and tug toy reinforcement. She's able to hold her bladder a very long time, she knows how to indicate her needs to me even if I'm otherwise occupied and out of the room without having to be destructive. All in all, I would say I trust her as a maturing pup, but what am I actually supposed to be looking for?[/INDENT]

    Foundation for Advanced Training Modes

    [INDENT]Before I can begin training in some advanced form such as tracking/scent-work, agility, and/or conformation, what should be my first few steps for laying the foundation? I've read a variety of answers from some as simple as, "Teach basic commands and have good recall," to longer more needy responses like, "Dog should be of X age, have good command over basic commands, perfect recall, should meet certain standards for markings/coat, [and more]," but are these things preference or does it actually define the level of success I will reach? Are some breeds better suited to each of these tasks than others or does that only apply to certain fields of advanced training?[/INDENT]

    A lot of these questions I've asked at other locations, so I do not want to give the impression that I've done absolutely no research. I know some of these questions are a simple, "Go look it up, fool!" I have. The goal is to obtain as many different opinions (with reasoning if possible) to establish where I can fit my own ideals or where I cannot. Some of these will change with experience, I'm certain. Thank you for taking the time to read/post.

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