AlpineK9hans Introduction.

  • Hi, here is my introduction.
    My name is Hans I owe AlpineK9 and I am in dogs for about 49 years. I have been training dogs on many levels, commercially, for fun and as non profit. I also breed and sell dogs. I am originally from Czechoslovakia where I have trained dogs too. In USA I have started in dogs when I worked for CGG oil exploration company as surveyor and avalanche controller. We were shooting a lot of dynamite and tripped a lot of dangerous avalanches and I was in charge of avalanche control for our crew. Thus I decided to train me S&R GSD dogs. They were Timber and Lady american bred dogs which went to work with me via helicopter for several years. They were true working dogs. After then I started importing dogs from Europe and breed them and train them for PP and LE and I have introduced Czechoslovakian border patrol dogs to USA and elsewhere. ... but that is another long story. What I like is not as much sport even though I have competed in PSA titled 2 dogs there and competed in 2004 nationals where I go 2nd place in open. But my passion is training for work - any work being it family, protection, Law enforcement and S&R. My passion is behavior modification and fixing problems with any working dogs like in LE or personal protection or even pets. Nothing is more rewarding to me then to fix a dog which is then saved from being damped or discarded from LE program.
    I love personal protection and I am most interested in systems where the dog is trained to be civil from get go or sond retraining of sport dogs into civil dogs. I love to teach others about this and have clients from all over come to me for consultations and training. I am totally not interested in pissing contests which I see on forums quite often and I like what I see here which is courteous communication and exchange of informations. That is why decided to join. I want to share what I know and cincsider what others post with open mind. I am also very interested in helping to help solve other people's problems with their dogs.

  • Welcome Hans, I checked your AlpineK9 page and you seem to have pretty sound dogs. Keep the good work :thumbsup2:

  • Welcome brother. We wish only for you to feel welcome here. And, Post a lot, so we can enjoy all those amazing stories you have for us.