How not to approach a kenneled dog

  • He he he-saw this a while ago.

    Rottweilers above all dogs give off the most unassuming disposiiton until someone does something they dont like. Eye contact, body language, even odor can piss them off. Most people that dont understand the breed lable them as unpredicatble but to me they are perfectly predicatable.

    In the breed description (rottweiler) the dog is supposed to be aloof which to me means give the dog it's distance. They are the least likely dog I will ever pet because I know this about them. It's tricky because they can give the apearance of friendly body language. Problem is that only one move that they percieve as a challenge or a threat and you end up like this guy-with permanent damage to your hand and a months worth of heavy pankillers. I wont let my guy go near anyone he and I dont know because of this-I've seen it in the past with a previous dog and wont allow him to get he and I into trouble.

    Hard lesson to learn I guess.:nono:

  • So, he knows a dog isn't comfortable with humans and he still decided to tower over the dog head on? Moron. I thought the dog was gonna bite him before he was even in the cage. He had that look in his eye like he was thinking about it.

  • Unfortunatly most people can't read the signs when it comes to Rottweilers so they label them as dangerous.