Comparing GSD and Am Bull

  • some of the performance scott johnson mixes here seem to tolerate heat ok

    your right..there are bullies and standard american bulldogs...the standards can take a whole lot more then a bully...i got both..;)
    This boy is my standard and he can do everything you ask him and will go on untill he drops...and that takes a long time....believe me...but it's a mather of how you condition your dog too...a couch potatoe standard can't do a thing...;)

    My standard American Bulldog.

  • Manolo, what percentage of AB have an underbite?

    Standard: Reverse scissors is preferred.

    A scissor bite or moderate underbite, up to 1/4 inch is acceptable.

    Even bite is not preferred.

    Bully: Undershot up to 1/4 inch is preferred.

    1/8 to 1/2 Undershot is acceptable.

    Even bite is a major fault.

    Scissor bite is a disqualification.

    I copied this from a showorganisationsite called ABNA... ;)

  • Thanks. Any ideas on the practicality of an underbite?

    they say that it is that they can breathe better when having a full grip...but i don't know if it really does...

  • Performance / Scott type have no problem in the heat, they are usually the catch dog breed of choice for most southern boar guys. Johnson & bully type with their huge bone, massive chest & short muzzle lets just face they wear out quick in the heat...

  • I remeber reading a article from Johnson himself where he states up to 3/4" under bite is ok for the Johnson type. I can tell you their is no functionality of the underbite what so ever and I am into bulldogs with under bites. The upturn of the muzzle and the underbite helps nothing for the dog breathing while gripping / biting contray to what the show breeders / standard says. I can tell you what the underbite does do the more extreme the underbite the less power the bite has from all the bulldogs from that I have worked & owned regardless of the drive the dog has.

  • Thanks Matt, I suspected as much but I'm no bulldog expert so I thought I'd ask. From what I've seen guys who hunt hogs never have those typy AB, that tells me the dog doesn't need an underbite to be a catch dog which was the original line of reasoning for the underbite. So it's just eye appeal? That's crazy, especially considering it doesn't help the dog to breath. I really got to liking AB after my experience with Greg W's dog.

  • The bulldog as you know is supposed to be a bull baiting dog, whether it be for blood sport or helping bring in semi-tame cattle by the nose to be slaughtered.

    My opinion with the short muzzle, muzzle that protruds upward and the underbite are all traits caused from the infussion of the pug to transform it into the sour mug show dog. And simply these side effects where made up by the show breeders into traits that were supposdly needed to bait a bull. Also things like wringly skin to absurb the impact of the bulls horns and and the dog needed to be excessivly short "to play low" and avoid the horns, or wringles in the head to "channel" the blood away from the eyes. Yet you dont see any bully bulldogs doing any cattle or hog catching do you? Any if you do its a rarety and not the norm, the standard type AB like the white one shown is closer to the real bulldog in my opinion and is the on that is proven to walk the walk and not talk the talk like the show breeders.

    The standard AB and pits breath just fine on the bite and they will do it ALOT longer in much more heat than the bully style bulldog without the underbite, excecissivly short muzzle and curvature in the muzzle, & crazy wringles all supposidly needed to breath for long periods of time on a bulls nose. If it applies applies to biting a hog's nose than why not a bull's nose?

  • i dont like my dogs to have anymore than an 1/8 of an inch imo it acts like a vise and helps for holding on for periods of time ,seems the sissor bite is better for bitting with intent to do damage ex: ur herders for manwork or apbt for dog sport .
    as far as the heat thing with bulldogs , it depends on the dogs i have seen bully dogs of quality outlast standard type dogs , as well as seeing standard dogs not worth a drink of water in the heat , the bulk of muscle has alot to do with this factor and i breed my dogs to carry lean muscle , there is no use for bulk on a dog other than to look cool ..

  • I have bulldogs with both type of bites.
    When i do protection sports I feel that the sisor dog is qicer in relese and have a bit advantage when getting a full gripp.
    The undershott dog often get ther teeth tangeld when releasing.

    When i do bulldog stuff like hangtime, tug of war and stuff like that I feel that the dogs with undershott can hang on better and easyer.
    I do not know if its realy is so but that Is what I have seen in many bulldogs.