Its all fun and games until...

  • One of my favourite quotes from my mentor is "Working dogs are not pets" since its something that gets overlooked so often. Last week I got a video from one of the members of my former bite club. Am gonna post the link from the facebook page where this video is at:…/videos/1031546873592627/

    Hopefully you'll be able to play it

    Some key points should be pointed out here

    1.- While I firmly believe kids should be socialized with dogs and the other way around, this is not the way. Kids should be taught respect and appreciation for the dogs and should never be allowed to see the dog as a TOY

    2.- Children lack the ability to understand the dangers of working with these type of dogs, hell, even adults can get overconfident and forget what damage a 100Lb GSD can cause.

    3.- A true working PSD or even a IPO dog should understand that kids are forbidden when it comes to "bitework". What happens when an unsupervised kid tries to play with the dog and the former sees this as just another "session"?

    Overall these seems like a huge mistake, work of an irresponsible parent who is probably just trying to show of in front of his drinking buddies -_-!