Boar hunting in Australia

  • Boar hunting is popular in Bolivia although not as popular as in Argentina but Ive had the chance to do it a couple of times. Lately Ive been hearing a lot about this story:

    Its a guy who was boar hunting and punched a kangaroo who was treathening his dog, I dont want to go into the whole "I would have done this or that" argument but id like to know about the legality of boar hunting in australia... maybe Pete can give us a hand? Also, what dogs do you use there to hunt? Am guessing there are not many Argentinian dogos =P

  • Hunting pigs is legal. We used to have a big export market to euro, they prefer wild boar. Owning a dogo is illegal.

    Our dogs are the same concept as a dogo - running catch dog. Distinct from US hounds and walk in catch dog.

    Most proven lines here are based on greyhound X bull terrier X pointer.

    Our dogs are expected to find, run down and hold. Most guys here want to finish the hunt within a km of the find. The shorter the better. Americans seem to want to chase something for miles.

    BTW, a pig dog should be proofed off everything except pigs, poorly trained dog. Handler is an idiot.