Rottweiler in my future

  • Looking at dogs work is not always great if the buyer does not have enough experience to know what they are looking at.

    A whole lot of spit, fire, fur, fury and flashing of teeth does not a family PPD necessarily make.

  • Agreed. I'm no expert but I've got some experience. If all goes to plan, I'll be taking my training partner with me. She's an IPO girl. She does PP work as well but specializes in IPO. Let me see if I can find some videos of one or two of her dogs. I took a few bites from her second best dog. She's got a damn hard bite on her. I didn't put too much pressure on her but from what I could see, she likes to fight.

  • When looking at a protection dog (not sport dog) prospect.. If the dog reacts (shows aggression or at least becomes alert) at the right time ie. a stranger approaching his area or acting in a threatening manner around the handler (depending on how sharp the dog is required to be), and then does not back down from further threat and intimidation from the bad guy as I suggested earlier, then you definitely have at least a threat dog, which is the 2nd category of protection dog. If you want to make sure you have a man stopper, you'll need to put physical pressure on the dog and allow it the opportunity to bite.