• Phil we have YouTube now, people don't read books anymore.

    There's a sad truth.

    Nowadays a couple of youtube vids will turn you into an expert on any matter :D

    K9 Personal Protection by Resi Gerritsen is a book i've been trying to read for a while now. Some of the new members of the club have read it and, apparently, it's a modern and effective take on the whole PPD subject. Now, if you ask me... If it aint broke dont change it. I'll always try Koehler first and only switch if I truly believe the dog will do better with a different approach and even then I'll consider first that the dog wasn't a fit candidate to begin with.

    PS: Hope you post some pics of the new pup soon Phil :thumbsup2:

  • Thanks for the responses so far. I really want to read into this further regarding the training and utilization of a PPD. As most of you know in a prior post I received a serious verbal threat not to long ago from a person my PSD successfully tracked down and sent him to prison.

    In addition I am reading up on local and state statutes on the owning of a PPD as well.