Another video for your thoughts.

  • This is by far my favorite forum on the web. I really like the knowledge and experience, that so many of you are able to articulate. I wish there was more action here, but the good things in life are worth waiting for .

    Thoughts on this video please.

  • Dafuq? Isnt that, animal cruelty? Where does this "trainers" come from? This is one of the worst videos i've seen... I hope someone reports him to the authorities -_-!

    A 12 week puppy of any working breed is STILL a puppy, there is no need to submit him to that level of stress and worst of all, it's the very OWNER who is doing the aggression... I strongly suggest you UNfollow that retard...

  • If you're looking at this video from the perspective; is this how dogs should be trained or is this the kind of experience that's beneficial to the dog's development? In general the answer is NO! It can and will lead to instability.

    But.. if you have experience with mals you know that some can show serious aggression at a very young age. That if the dog is so inclined it can develop an instant on/off switch that will turn it stupid mad/biting chain link fence. And that the trigger for this switch can be anything, even something as unreasonable as the approach of it's owner to the kennel in a particular manner.
    So looking at it from the perspective that something caught the owner's eye that to him is indicative of how the dog will be as an adult, and to demonstrate this he briefly encourages the behavior, then I think it's not a big deal.
    If however he truly believes that's the way to bring out a dog he's misguided. Although once the dog is doing this it's easy to transpose the aggression to a stranger approaching the kennel and quit the owner stimulating the dog. Like I said it can lead to stability problems.
    That said it looks like this guy is about the money, and his prices are funny. His presentation is ghetto, I can imagine who it appeals to. That said I'd have no problem checking out his dogs if I was on the market, but I wouldn't be overly hopeful and certainly wouldn't give him the asking price.

    Thanks for the good words about the forum. I've considered shutting it down for apparent lack of interest. But I think I'll keep it going if only for the few who appreciate it. I hope some day it will attract more members of like mind and things will pick up.

  • Dan, I just read that you were considering shutting down the forum. I hope you keep it alive. I just joined and am new to the field, looking to learn whatever I can! :thumbsup2: