Difference between a Police Apprehension Dog and a Protection Dog

  • When fighting a man the PSD is in it for the fight. Whereas the PD is in it to destroy the threat.. and for the fight although he wants to end the fight, it's somewhat of a contradiction :)

    That's not to say that the PSD can't have the "destroy the threat" component, just that he can function adequately as a PSD without it. Perhaps the extra edge may make him a liability used for apprehension, too much injury inflicted on the suspect. I don't know that for a fact, maybe a very experienced PSD handler can answer this.

    I suppose a PD can function to a degree without the "in it for the fight" component, but for my purposes that's not an ideal mindset for the dog.

    At the top level the PSD and PD are interchangeable.

    If you don't understand what I mean by "in it for the fight", the dog enjoys the fight and is happy to continue. He can withstand a lot of pressure. But the handler is always there to end the fight. It is in essence a very rough game. The dog will only switch his bite to keep the game going, if the bite is giving him too a hard time, or not enough of a good time.

    A dog that wants to end the fight will bite to hurt and incapacitate his opponent. There are not a lot of dogs that can learn this working on a suit. The dog actually has to be strong enough to somewhat hurt the man through the suit for this to happen. I don't know that there's a decoy skilled enough to offer the necessary reaction if he's not really feeling anything, the timing has to be perfect.