Another sleeve question.

  • No replies on my last question about sleeve so will ask another. Has anybody seen the sleeve being sold on Ray Allen and Elite K-9? It is a duplicate of an arm and hand sleeve I believe made out of rubber. What are your opinions on it? There are currently no reviews on either site.

  • Well I did not expect that, new to me. Reminds me of the fake hand they use at dog shelters to evaluate dogs for food aggression etc. Here are my thoughts. First, it's good that they created it, it's an interesting option. It will be beneficial for some dogs to experience the feel of a real bite. Dogs that are trained exclusively on a sleeve sometimes get confused on their first real bite. But.. I don't think this rubber arm can be used to increase drive in the same way real bites do. I don't think it's meant to be used consistently with one dog, maybe once or twice for proofing. I don't think it's durable enough last long.

    That said I don't think it's an essential tool. My objective when I'm training a biting dog is to create a mindset, a good bite comes naturally as an extension of this mindset in a strong dog, and I wouldn't waste my time training a dog that's not strong. In other words I want the dog angry and wanting to hurt the man. Once a dog is working like this he'll bite whatever you present him with.

    Also how are you supposed to protect your arm behind this rubber arm? If the dog takes a full hard bite the canines can reach behind it.

  • Hello guys, long time no see uh>?

    Well, that's a new one for me too, I must give points for the idea xD. I agree with Dan, a dog with the proper instinct and a good training won't mind once the sleeve is replaced by real flesh. This arm shaped dildo wont do much for your program if you have already selected a decent dog. Also concerns me that the taste of rubber could be unpleasant for the pouch. I recommend sticking with the regular old hidden sleeve and a decent decoy if you want some extra "realism".

    On a side note, what happened to the forum dan>? it's totally different...