Stupid emails to rottweiler breeder

  • I regularly receive inquiries for rottweiler puppies, some of them are dumb. When I can tell the person is a novice, but is intelligent and seriously interested, I will take the time to educate them. When the questions are downright stupid I just want to drive them away. I have a real job where I deal with people in a politically correct way. I don't depend on dogs for a living, so I take care to not allow my dogs to fall into what I consider to be the wrong hands. I've been around dogs and dog people long enough to get an accurate read on people quickly. In this thread I will share some of the dumb messages I get, my responses in red.

    Good afternoon

    I’m looking for a big head male pick of the littler, that can be good with kids and trained for obedience and more. Very interested in buying and it doesn’t have to be for Christmas. Thank you for your time and you can email me for call me tomorrow. Thank you again


    Would you please specify in inches how big you would like the big head. We will need the following measurements:

    1. Tip of nose to occipital point.
    2. Height of stop.
    3. Circumference around jowl line.
    4. If length of teeth is of importance please provide that too.

    1 9-10 on the nose

    2 scissor bite

    Thank you

    I’m sorry we can’t accommodate you because that’s too small. Our big heads are much bigger than that. Our dogs are for buyers who want really BIG heads.

    Looking for a big head pick of the liter with,big shoulders and very trainable.. last time I send an email I was told that I was not want what you guy have…… well try me I’m will to go visit as soon as you guy are ready to sell one of your dog to some that is willly to buy one as soon as,possibly…… waiting on you thank you again and waiting to take a visit…. thank you for your time again and have a nice holiday…..

  • HAHAHAHA that's just mean man xD I guess we all have to deal with weird requests whether you are a trainer or a breeder... I once got asked to train an aggressive dog since the owner believed it was a fit for protection. Since it was my mother's friend I agreed to evaluate the dog believing it was some mutt with aggression issues. Big surprise when I got to the house and found a freaking cocker spaniel XD I worked a couple of weeks on the aggression and explained the owner why it would never become a MAN STOPPER

  • Yeah, the big head has a weird but visceral appeal. A friend of mine was recently talking about it with respect to Labs. She didn't know large head size is a secondary male characteristic brought on by testosterone which explains why, while some female have them, they're much more common in males. I think many of us equate head size with bite strength, and while there might be some relation, i.e. larger bone area allows a greater mass of muscle, there are also various other factors that play in (muscle attachment points and fiber type profile to name just two). It's also interesting to note that two African animals known for bite strength have relatively small heads.

    The spotted hyena which has arguably some of the most fearsome bone crushing dentition has a small head relative to its size. And I've recently heard on a documentary that wild African dogs, those thin, little looking, multi-colored dogs have the strongest bite, based on size, of any land predator. I was really surprised to hear that but it makes sense from an evolutionary point of view. They are so much smaller than some other predators that when they bring down prey, they've got to strip it really quickly. I understand they are among the fastest of all animals in stripping a carcass. Who would've guessed?

    I admit I've always liked the look of larger headed dogs even though I've met very some sweet Borzois! ;)

  • I'm not big on the new head shape that is being developed in some lines... Ultimately for me though, it's about function. I'd hate to see the breathing problems of other dogs become an issue for Rotties.