Van Leeuwen Dutch shepherds

  • I saw the video of this impressive dog.

    Video: Spike Van Leeuwen

    This is the kennel website

    I'm wondering how such a dog would fit into a family setting?

    Some quotes from Van Leeuwen:


    Robbie had all the characteristics that we are looking for in a good working policedog. He was very courageous, independent and had a very tough character. A hard dog, and not one that was suitable for a first time handler, because of his lightly flammable character.


    Van Leeuwen`s Nika is linebred on Van Leeuwen´s Robbie. Robbie is the grandfather of Nika at both parents. Therefore temperament, dominant behavior and toughness are very extreme on this female. She has passed on this caracteristics on her offspring, for example Van Leeuwen's Spike, Van Leeuwen´s Benta and Van Leeuwen´s Ebro.


    Our goal in breeding is to breed more Dutch Shepherds of this kind to be trained in Holland and in the rest of the world as a working police dog, or in other venues of sport and working goals.

    No doubt these are the right characteristics for a PSD. I'm also sure I could handle the dog. My main concern would be dominance issues with lower ranking family members.

  • My Male Dutch shepherd that I have right now has tons of drive both Prey, fight and civil and I have him around my family and I have two children ages 7 and 5 and he loves them to death.....I've only had one instance where he got possessive over a ball and nipped at my son but after one correction he has never done it again and he will let my son take the ball from him and jump all over him.....if you don't address it right away and be the leader he/they will run all over you

  • Agreed with Keith, these are very loyal dogs. I have a few in home Dutch shepherds that are similar temperament, if you live though their puppy phase they make awesome dogs =)

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  • This dog is Spike van Leeuwen X Dutch Shepherd retired police service dog in Holland I believe he
    don,t live anymore a very hard and tough dog KNPV, this is a dog not for the green handler .

  • I would not be here if it were not for my psd Dutchie. What more can I say. Need not go to Holland for top KNPV lines. Plenty of good dogs in the USA. There are breeders no one has even heard of that quietly put out quality dogs. My dog came from a co-worker who once in a rare while has a litter. Heck I could not even name the lines. Nor do I care.
    All I know is my dog has been assault over the years, being knife slashed, countless injury all the while having rock solid nerves, clearheaded,and confidence when all hell breaks loose. What more can I ask for?? Oh and he's 12.5 and hard charging like he's 4 years old.
    When your dog eagerly faces bodily injury or possible death so you don't I really don't care about a piece of paper predicting his genetic character. I already know his genetic character! God bless the Dutch Shepherd. Best working breed ever

  • That's a hard dog for sure. A true specimen with crazy power-cool post.

    Some lines are just not family dogs-I dont think it's breed specific. It doesnt matter what you do, or how "alpha" you are over them, they're going to pull rank driven shit on whoever they can until the day they die.

    I agree that a strong dog isnt necessarily a dog that cant live with the family-again it comes down to the pedigree of the dog. I dont believe it's conditioning either-a dog either likes kids and people or he doesnt. You can see this in them as early as 4 weeks old.

    I know a very good mal breeder that put an entire litter down because at 5 weeks the pups were lethal. They had to be fed wearing bite pants in the pen they were so nuts. Because of the extreme liability of having these pups in a home with more than one person the decision was made to cull the whole litter and that dam/sire combination was never used again. In my opinion this is very good breeding practice.

  • look at the speed of the dog and the way it launched like a missile thru the open window of the vehicle, impressive under controlled conditions but rather reckless imo.

    if that window was up that dog would not know the difference and would have a broken neck.

  • That's what I thought you may have meant. The other idea was to somehow close the dog inside the car. Anyways, you really think that dog is so amped up it wouldn't notice a closed window?

  • the more I understand those dogs and how they are trained then yes I think it would attempt to go thru a shut window even if it knew it was shut, most likely it would not even notice it was shut.

    I do like me a dog with brains over drive.

    to me it's like a mal/dutch is to a GSD as a pitt bull is to an American bulldog, one in each breed pair is selected with a screw loose.

    the training is amplifying drive on top of drive on top of drive in a dog that is bred with off the scale drive bred to drive bred to drive.....

    owners brag that these dogs will retrieve themselves to death either by jumping off a cliff after a ball or going until they drop dead.

    it ain't natural and is exploitive.

    having said that, when my dogs pass I will def get me a top of the line mal and just keep one dog, be a lot of fun I think.

  • Brody if I was not so computer idiot ai would post couple vids of my boy working. If anything at 12.5 the intensity he still has is like WTF?? lol
    You have more experience having trained a ton of dogs. You know what is quality from having seen lots of variety. My psd is not my first Dutchie but my first " good one" at least in my eyes. I had his mom for first year of her life. Such a extremely dominant bitch. Wanted to literally fight me all the time. She would shrug .... more like laugh off the harshest of corrections.
    Being my first Dutch I was totally unprepared. How in the world my psd turned out as stable and clearheaded I'll never know. Next one I get down the road I woukd look for similar traits. Handier sensitive, high prey, high fight, able to self regulate between one moment calm to crazed intense and back to calm on his own. He is not a "badass" dog by a lot of guy's standards but he has proven to be what I need at work. I am just as proud of the split second call offs when sending him after a suspect but some moron cop decides to run in between suspect and dog or suspect intentionally runs into busy traffic hoping dog would get struck. I yelled platz as dog ran over slim traffic island. Dog dropped despite focused on man. Busy traffic now going on both sides. I nearly S*** myself! Yes guy got away. I thank by breeder for instilling in me the importance of rock solid practical obedience. Platz is platz no matter what! So yeah he like any dog is not perfect and not every handler woukd want him. He is not a .44 magnum, more like a 380 that slams past skull and into brain. Dead is dead lol

    Question Peter I see your point about dog has to be able to think and such. Is it a blend between thinking for a better way of doing a task and all out blind following of commands?
    If you sent a dog up against overwhelming odds ie a dozen adversaries do you want the
    dog to engage blindly on command and not think of a better way to deal with the situation? Or do you want the dog to take the time to process the situation and "think" of a smarter way of handling it. Crazy example I know but just throwing it out there.

  • against a dozen serious adversaries, I am out there period, to heck what the dog does, I won't even look back.