• I had the priveledge of spending some time with this dog years ago... have wanted blood from him ever since...


    This individual dog was one of the most impressive "mastiff type" dogs I've ever seen, his athleticism was just remarkable. It's truly hard to find dogs this size with his type of movement.... as close to "the movement of a lion after a gazelle" as I can describe.

    Does anyone have any opinions of this line?

  • I've got two Cane Corsi and I'm very happy with them both. The oldest, Felipe - 4yrs and 140lbs, works with me in K9 security and has saved my bacon several times. The youngest, Vulcan, at 13mos and 110lbs, has started PP work, in prey only, and is working on his AKC Rally OB titles. Check out their pics in the photo gallery.

    Ron Ackerman
    CA UAGII UNJ URO3 CH UWP El Mesquital Vulcan - CGC, RE, NA, CA, TDI, CAL2, IDTT, DHT, IDT-3, GDT, ID3-Ranked, IDOB2, IDP1, DD, WDE, CAL2