Anyone know this dog/owner or line?

  • Found this dog in Jacksonville, FL. Close enough for me to drive to investigate further. I like the look of him from this picture, enough to go look at him in person... just wanted to know if any of you all could give me any tips.

    This is a stud prospect for my Shiner dog by the way.... trainability/ drive is what I'm hoping to add.

    Thanks! Noah Metzger

  • Remember I asked you how do you select for what you're doing? This would be the time to apply it. Give me a characteristic you look for in your hog dogs and I'll try to come up with a way to see it in the mal. I don't know anything about this particular dog though. And puppies are a crap shoot anyways especially when breeding out like that. Although I've heard from more than one source that the dutch mixed APBT into their dutch shepherds to increase drive and hardness. I also saw a pic of a dog that was the in between generation. Regardless please post back with anything interesting after you talk to these people.

  • The number one thing I look at when judging an adult is build, then movement. If they aren't built correctly, I'm not interested. Do they move fluidly when allowed to run freely or do they clumsily trod along... If they pass that first phase, then I like to watch for any natural instinct in their own environment...

    What do they notice when left alone?... Do they alert when a squirrel runs across the yard, or do they ignore it? Do they here the rock hit the far tree line that I threw when they weren't looking, or did it go un-noticed.

    Basically, I look for natural instinct, does the animal have any undeveloped prey drive I might be able to work with.

    Something else I tend to judge a dog by... "would I be afraid if this dog were to be set upon me?" ... more often than not, if a dog makes it past my initial screening process', this is the type of dog that results.

    When I go to see this dog, I will certainly let you know what I think of him

  • A Mal may do well, but I think the dog in that picture is a Dutchie. If you give me some particulars about that dog, sire, dam etc, I can find out if it's KNVP lines. I have acquaintences in Holland that can track any KNVP dog.


  • Got this of their myspace page, I just like the looks of this dog, would like to see his sire...

    There's just something in the face that reminds me of my Ellie dog, enough to go see how he acts at least...

  • Yes I know this dog his name is Carlos Vos, brother from Wibo van Leeuwen
    Wibo is one of the best producers X Dutchies in the KNPV at this moment
    Carlos is very hard and tough dog like his brother Wibo van Leeuwen
    This are more service,civil dogs than sport dogs .He is sold to Amerika van Guard
    You can find him on | Home 11073 Carlos van Guard
    MIke Suttle in the USA has owned Carlos