Delmarva Peninsula Harrington

  • For those who are interested in K-9 Personal Protection training and other aspects of working dog use, the DELMARVA WORKING DOG GROUP is here to help. We train on a 35 acre farm northwest of Harrington, Delaware which is in the center of the state. The DWDG is located about 2 hours from Washington DC, the Philadelphia Airport, Atlantic City, New Jersey, and Ocean City, Maryland.

    Training is conducted by Andy Larrimore and Howard Gaines III. It is an all breed K-9 training group which focuses on K-9 PP but also includes tracking and area searching, obedience, problem-solving, herding and instinct testing, and some great Sunday morning fun! More information and training pics can be found on these websites, and

  • That's cool Howard. Do you have (or have you considered having) a "boot camp" of sorts type of program? I went to one once and Jake and I ate, drank and slept ppd work for an entire week. It was awesome!

  • Howard, great web site. Been awhile since I been down that way but I think its 13 S. to rt 113 and then its Rt. 1 and you are near Dover?

  • My business and training partner, Andy Larrimore owns Windywoods K9. Andy breeds working Rottweilers. We have been very blessed over the past 3 years with the training organization, DELMARVA WORKING DOG GROUP and the great group members.

    A K-9 Boot Camp may still be in the works and involving the efforts of a few well known KNPV or French Ring decoys, and working dog folks from other venues, this is something that might go this year. Due to our central location and being 2 hours from many major sites makes it very possible.

    In January, we hosted a great working dog day with the South Jersey Working Dog Club. A great group of people whose K-9 interests are similar to ours and backgrounds are just as "flawed." LOL We plan on training again with them in the months to come. This month, we trained over near Easton, Maryland and did LOTS of strong environmental stuff. Dogs of weak training backgrounds could have failed...

    If possible, every month or every other month, we would like to do or offer some MAJOR training changes for 2009. The nice thing about how we train as a group is that every member gets along and their are no egos to kill off the "family friendly" foundation that we push. If you don't do it, you are quickly shown the door. Too many outfits have "actors" 24/7...don't need it here!

    Does every training session go without issue? No. We change to make the most from our members backgounds and interests and their dog's abilities. We are not a sport Schutzhund club, and their are no plans to become sucked into some national K-9 click. With my background being in Schutzhund-DVG, I have been quite jaded from the issues of ten years ago...

    Harrington, Delaware is located about 15 minutes south of the state capitol, Dover. We are also an hour+/- from great places like Easton and Ocean City, Maryland and other worthwhile locations for the family.

  • Howard, please extend an invitation to your friend Andy Larrimore to participate here. If he wants to showcase his dogs in the rottweiler section he's welcome to do so.

  • im looking forward to training with u guys next week , im stoked that i found some local guys into training big time ..

  • Anyone intersted in PPD training and coming up to the Maryland or Delaware areas...please give us a holler! Always enjoy new folks stopping by and relaying experiences with us!

    We aren't a sport group, but I'm sure we can work your dog and your stay in this neck of the woods will be enjoyable!

  • Hey I realise this post is old so are you guys still active? I live in PA but I am only twenty min or so from Newark,DE. So probably an hour and a half to two hours from you. I have not gotten a dog yet but am looking into getting one in the near future.