Scott Type (AB) Breeder Recomendations?

  • Hi All,

    I've been reading about ABs for a while now and have grown to like them. I was wondering if anyone knows of a kennel that produces nice (working stock) Scott types?

    If you don't want to post please feel free to PM me about it.

    Thank you!

  • I would look @ Joshua Kennels and the link for that one is and another one that I would look @ is Knowels kennels and the link for that one is Now I have never talked to either one or owend a dog from either one but I have worked alot of Abs and the two that worked the best both had joshua keenels on one half of the ped. Both were very high drive but good with strange aniamals but still had a backbone if they were pushed to much. When I mean worked I mean pp work not hog catching or weight pull. I do not know what you are looking for in an AB but I do beleave that both kennels still hunt with their dogs on a reg. basis. I do not know if this will help you our not but its a start and good luck with your search.

  • chestnut breeds good stock from what i saw , but the other two kennels u mentioned , first off joshua produces more junk than any one kennel i have seen , the dogs overall have horrible nerve and thats pretty much what i have seen from knowles also now knowles has a few dogs that are ok , i just havent seen it in the few i have seen off his yard , if those are the only two kennels ur picking from i would research and come to shows and see some dogs in person , which is what i advise anyone looking for an ab to do , because ur chances are slim to find a hard working ab .

  • Reggie what kennel would u recomend for pp work or do u breed your dogs. I like koura ab but they got small and they are pretty much pitbulls now. Letcure dogs if I am correct has influnenced pitbulls into their breeding stock that's were they get the black ab from. I personally don't care about what the dogs lines are as long as I like the way he looks and they can work and their healthy. The reason i ask is I will be in search for a good ab in the future any advice will help.

  • first off the ab is a mix breed like everything else , so u cant get into who put what into which lines and why it works , and the black ab is a intirely different line of dog all together from the koura leclerc dogs , if u know which lines to look for size is no issue have u seen my ab ? he isnt small by any means , but the answer ur question yes i breed my own dogs and have been for about 13yrs , im not very impressed with prob 98% of the breed , if u want a bulldog i suggest u go to the nwda site that i have posted hit the event section and find shows near u , DO NOT make the mistake of picking a breeder online and over the phone , anyone wishing to speak in detail about ab's pro's and con's or breeders can email me . this breed has alot too offer compared to mollossers , if ur truely looking for a hardcore dog look into a pitbull but again its the same problem and its even harder to know where to look and what to look thru , but they are out there i have spent many years looking for higher caliber dogs , and im not at all unhappy with whats being fed on my yard today .…ldog/pedigree/673243.html

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  • Reggie O.
    Hi, Who was the breeder of your dog. I se mutsh of the same dogs in your as in mine?

    How is the traning going? I realy like the look and the ped of your dog. And realy realy what you have been doing with him.