Ian Charles rottweiler breeder / scammer charged with animal abuse

  • Four years ago I bought a rottweiler puppy from Ian Charles, operating at the time under the name of Kieranguard registered kennels. I was swayed by his smooth talk about lines and bought a pup without seeing it. The pup was shipped from Canada to Fort Lauderdale Florida. Upon arrival I could see that the 3 month old pup was malnourished and full of intestinal parasites. Four weeks after a deworming and some weight gain it became obvious that the pup was nerve bag, in this case complete lack of socialization played a role but IMO in such cases the main factor is always genetics. To top it all off Ian Charles never sent the CKC registration papers of the pup, which I had to rehome at a total loss to me.

    I will not get into all the lies and excuses Ian Charles fed me until I finally gave up on getting any reimbursement due to the distance involved. It should be noted that the litter plus another litter were never registered because the owner of the stud (Golo vom Tweelbaker-See) http://www.lowenhart.com/stud.html was never paid the stud and boarding fee owed to him by Charles and consequently never provided the male's papers, which he was fully justified in doing. Obviously the buyers of the other puppies also never received registration papers.

    Since that time I heard a few horror stories about Ian Charles mistreatment of dogs. The climax of which was Charles being charged with animal abuse and convicted. I'm posting this information here so that it can always be found online. From http://www.thespec.com/News/Local/article/339663

  • It is a shame that there are people like this and that your Golo pup didn't work out. He is a fantastic stud with an awsome pedigree.