My Bandog Program

  • I couldn't believe there was nothing in the Bandog section so I decided to post a little about my Bandog program.

    My program is goal is to produce a superior working mastiff. A dog with size, athleticism, drive and stability. There was a time when the mastiff was a dog bred for war and no one considered anything else when a war dog was needed. Most mastiffs today can't even protect themselves much less follow their master into a war. My goal is to restore the mastiff to their previous state. To do that I'm using a combination of working mastiffs and working bulldogs (mostly APBT) to bring together the traits needed to make a useful working mastiff.

    David Ishee

  • Thanks,

    Most Danes are very different from other Mastiff breeds. Though most European lines of dane are more true to the typical mastiff type. Physically, a good Dane can add height, low body fat, tight skin, short coat, body length, speed, maneuverability and muzzle length, without losing bone, muscle and size. Mentally a good Dane can contribute defense drive, prey drive and strong pack instincts. Other pluses are the willingness to track by smell and a good nose.

    A fine old school Dane that really lives up to the name German Mastiff.

    There aren't many left in American lines built like this. Even fewer with what it takes to do manwork.

  • David Ishee, great pictures of your gorgeous dogs. I can tell you feed them well. Would you be able to go to the feeding section of the forum and inform us on how you feed the Great Dane?

    The reason I got Into Dogs and wanting to collect them is due to a house which was a family house with kids running around and had 8 great Danes. Big mother Luckers 3 Male and 5 Females. Great Pack Dogs. Low Maintenance. And when those dogs came hollering and Big as Luck!. wow it was impressing.

    Rottweiler's are also good pack dogs, family dogs and Do not play! Seriously, that dog rather be working on the floor by the door guarding you than cuddling on you . but depends on what you want. I personally don't want anyone in my back yard.

    Robert R