shriver's gigz

  • Another nice Ab with alot of drive, nice to see someone that knows what real ABs should be a working animal not a over sized head and chest and cant work more than 5 mins cause they cant breath. When I get a chance I will put up some pics/video of my young AB working.

  • This is a son to my bruno dog posted in this section also ..

    Gigz B&H Sleeve - YouTube

    Instead of letting him ignore the decoy when he reaproaches the dog and is in his face and chew on the sleeve on the ground I'd flank him off the bite untill he tried to bite the decoy. I'd repeat untill he spits the sleeve out on his own and goes after the decoy when he reaproaches. If your really doing schutzhund and still want a civil dog I'd teach him he can carry the sleeve & relax when the decoy goes away but as soon as he puts it down to chew on it I'd have the decoy come back on him. Essentially punishing him for putting it down and chewing on it. All just my two cents...

    Other than that he looked really good and obviously showed he was plenty civil in the second video. What lines is he from?

  • Yea we arent to worried about much with him bulldogs are bulldogs in the end , he is koura leclerc on top and johnson painter bottom .. i think he is 15+ mo now ..

  • Johnson X Painter is that out of sure grip lines by any chance? I have a couple dogs with some sure grip in them.

    Anyhow looks good for a young dog.

  • I will post the ped for u. Im not a fan of sure grip dogs or johnson crosses for that matter .. some are nice but i have my reason i got away from that style of dog .. have vid of yours ?

  • Wow super nice dog, congratz Reggie. Kudos to the decoy that brought him to this point. I think he's ready to be put in a civil situation off the training field, for the decoy to sting him and piss him off to make him come out with aggression. A vid of the blessed event would be highly appreciated.

  • He has been in real situations , he will protect his woman without a doubt but he has titles to earn so we are trying to keep him on track , he has had this in him since about 7mo old so its not a dog that was made and we arent worried with losing it .. he is just well rounded with nice drives and will to take tge bite if he needs to in any situation .. we know what he is inside n out equipment or not , game or no game ..
    Thanks dan ..

  • More of the same looks like, dog's still mostly in prey. Not sure if you wanted to show him being more civil. My experience with a dog with such nice drive is that at this point the decoy has to stop displaying the usual prey inciting behavior, lateral movement, scratch pants, cracking the whip etc. change the situation and hurt the dog a little. Changing the mood like doing it at night helps too. I think he'll come out like a demon.

  • It was just another vid bro , i wasnt saying this is more civil or not(if thats what i meant i would of posted that with the vid) .. i know what he is , u dont see me on threads for a reason bro , i know what each dog i deal with is or isnt not based on a vid , been at it a good while im not here for online help .. he will do anything any dog will do , its all i can ask of him .. just showing off a good pup and thanks for your help tho buddy , but we know where we are and are going with him ..