Rottweiler Airdale cross

  • Interesting, just wondering what they were expecting with the mating if its was planned, an airdale experiment happened here where they tried putting more nose and hunt on a line of bull X that were getting a bit slow in the hunt phase and losing game.

    Haven't seen the result.

  • In the future I think if BSL ever gets to bad I'd experiment with putting a few dogs (pit, presa, rotts, terrier type) under a big strong male Airedale. That fur certainly would make a incognito wrapping.

  • Dumb ?, purebred breed A male, purebred breed B female, cross get pup C.

    Now swap male and female as the starting dogs eg swap gender in parents of starting breeds to get pup D.

    Do pup's C and D be the same dogs phenotypically??

    Always wondered that.