My boy at 2 working

  • We can think up scenarios to justify all training, but the truth is it's far fetched. With your scenario as a civilian in the US, I would be required to retreat from the situation. If I were to send my dog after the man before he had a weapon, and the dog were to maul him, I would surely be sued, go to jail, and the dog destroyed. This assuming the police got involved after. Worth it if the man really was going for a gun and the alternative was me getting shot and killed. But who can say what would've happened. You'd have to be one cool customer to make a correct call to send your dog in such a situation. If you feel you're likely to be in such a situation, you should probably be carrying a firearm yourself. It's true that sometimes the best defense is offense. But as members of this society we are simply not allowed the luxury of acting preemptively.

    That said it's a fun training exercise for handler and dog. If the dog is clear headed enough that it will not one day decide to do it on his own when he sees a man running, then train it. I think there are more chances for this to be used in a home search, and the dog biting someone in the home would be viewed as more justifiable. I think it's better to leave a dog in the home that would deter anyone from entering in the first place.

  • OK cool-I get where you're coming from now. I completely understand where you're coming from in the US where law suits are out of control. I was raised a little old shcool so if I felt it necessary to send my dog on anyone (I pray I never have to) I will let my lawyer defend my actions in court and if the dog is destroyed preventing someone from getting a weapon or even getting away to have another chance at me down the road then he did his job. I do face real threats from people as I have a public position in a company that reaches people from all walks of life. I have faced situations in the past where my life has been threatened seriously so my family and I will always prepare for such occassion if one arises. Training dogs is a passion for me but unfortunately also necessary.

  • if you got those sort of threats i would not rely on a dog too much. i think dogs are good against an opportunist but of little value protecting you against a planned attack - unlikely an organised attacker will walk into a dog to get bit, the dog would most likely never even see, smell or hear an organised attacker with basic intelligence.

  • I hear you Peter, i'm not relying on my dog as my sole means of protection and agree the dog is not the best form of defence (I am) but a crucial layer in any well secured home. i don't want this thread to get into reasons why I choose to own and train a dog like this. Everyone on this forum obviously has an interest in having a dog that will stop someone who would mean us harm with its teeth or else we would all own toy poodles and cocka-poos. Training for all kinds of scenarios is just one way to cover all the bases and bring variety to the work the dog clearly enjoys.

  • interesting question what attracts us to this field, i think if i was being confronted i would prolly lock the dog away safely and deal with it which i know seems kinda contradictory.

    i have been involved in human combat sports of the full contact kind since i was a kid competing and stuff so might have some influence that i got attracted to violent (man-aggressive) type dogs now i am too old to compete.

    best excuse i can think of right now.

  • he is a happy chappy... can see he loves his work :)

    if i ever manage to move to the states i want to try to find another good rott... they're pretty much non-existant here in aus :(

  • thats one neato rott, i will take two of them thanks.

    on the turns i always screw up which leg to have forward/back to allow the dog to turn efficiently. i sometimes miss that i am not at a club or have a regular trainer, those feelings soon pass when i visit a club and hear all the pissing and moaning going on, mostly now don't even get the dog out and then re-affirm why am not part of the club scene, drive off and take dog swimming and fetching sticks or sumthin instead - dog doesn't seem to mind.

  • I hear you Peter,

    I used to train with a sport group-one of, if not the best in Canada for 7 years when I lived in Ottawa. Out of the dozen or so dogs 5 of them are SCH111 and one is a brevet 2 in ring. There were a couple women in the group that knew thier shit, had awesome dogs, and were very nice but most of the others were just plain off which is not unlike many groups in Canada-very clicky and shit talkers. When I moved to Toronto I didnt want to deal with the whole dog sport club scene again so I decided to work with a pro and do most of the OB work ect. on my own. Unless I am going into competition, which is unlikely with my job demands, I'm good with less than perfect OB as long as it is proofed-which I do often at grocery stores, train stations, Wal Marts ect. That's the real test and fun to show off:cool2:

  • you'll likely find the same problem with groups worldwide :(

    I am not even allowed to train at a sport club here because I work a street dog... go figure... >_<

    I'll have to get my young idiot's obedience on film... he is a bit of a forger too but hey he loves it just like your guy!

  • Very nice work indeed and great dog. There´s a vid around in which they teach the dog to attack the "incoming" limb, that is to defend himself against an attack from the opposite leg or hand trying to punching/kicking him. I ´d like to train my dog like that, cause around here all perps wield knives or cubs.

    Training Personal Protection Dogs To Protect Themselves! ( - YouTube

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  • thanks jake got the pm and number, another dam raaf'ie let loose. will call him.

    this is prolly wrong thread...bad

  • Sorry for going off topic guys, but I wasn't allowed to send a PM. Peter C I noticed dogs section says that you have a curr, What kind of curr would that be?