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    I feel the best way to recruit new club members is by word of mouth, attending dog shows, advertising in the classifieds, but I would like to put together a pamphlet to be handed out at my local parks. Websites are almost free today but I still hav not owned one and I am confused on how to do so...wordpress???.

    A club Website is a wise investment and I would like to know if anyone here can post in the general discussion forum on how to do so.

    My intensions are to link to other club/organizations (, promoting useful information about events and meet lots of folks to share ideas and become more involved in this sport.

    Most importantly, HAVE FUN!!!!

    Any ideas for my pamphlet or on how to organized such a Dog enthusiast club would be greatly appreciated.

    I would like to take a moment and to thank the forum for allowing us members to freely participate in this active dialogue without fear of trolling or abuse. Thank you!

    "freaking colors Blue was sit, red was come, black was down etc etc..."(Sergio) , thanks Sergio now that's a language I can speak well.:religion: I will most likely do that. The main concern is when I am in public. Such as the beach or shopping center and your scream a command to be firm and people get scared or think you are a bully handler. but BLU or GRN lol people will be first amazed when they see the dog perform a down while they still have not figured out what BLUE means. Thanx again

    Hello Dan, you are right about me worrying about this common misconception in favor of using another language, is so the dog doesn't respond to commands from strangers. Especially if that stranger is a trained dog handler. But, your method of proofing the dog for commands from strangers is a great idea. Thanks for the insight.

    I read an article about why many dog trainers give commands in German even if they don’t actually speak the language.

    Mandarin. The official language of China, Mandarin is already the most widely spoken language in the world. ...

    Arabic. ...
    Spanish. ...
    German. ...
    Portuguese. ...
    Russian. ...
    French. ...

    It’s very common to use the word, “Okay” for the release command. I feel that comes up too frequently in conversation to be a safe and effective release word. If you’ve got your dog sitting alongside your car in a downtown parking lot and your talking on your cell phone and someone says, “Meet you there in fifteen minutes” and you reply “Okay” the choice of that release word could cost your dog its life. Now you completely understand why I am struggling with this and I’ve demonstrated an excellent reason why am seriously considering train commands in another language.

    Here’s another reason why I am interested in a different language to give commands. If all conversation is in English, Dogs can’t tell if you’re talking to them, another human or even another dog.

    What do you think?

    Thank you Peter C for supplying us with your statement "the process relies on knowing what you want as a finished product X generations on in great detail not vague ideals". I also believe Standards will really depend on the genetics of the foundation dogs you use. Basically the definition of a Breed, a stock of animals within a species having a distinctive appearance and typically having been developed by deliberate selection.

    You can have awsome Dogs within a breed or Dogs that are no good. that's up to you. I would not Breed for the world or for others... but rather I want a fierce breed for Me and my families purpose here in Miami , Florida.An Industrious Infamously dangerous concrete city.

    All Dogs that I do not want will be raise till the age of 2 years while going through basic and advanced obedience training then at two he/she will be neutered and sold as Family Companion Pet.

    Any Dog that Passes and graduates from Two+ William R. Koehler courses " Utility, Open Obedience , Tracking, and Protection" will be kept and considered a green dog prospect in my Breed.

    Nicely said. Thank you to the that we are able to share and learn.

    One should not try to create but attain an already known breed for a dog that is an ideal predator for the (prey-vermin-neighbor) I want "the Crook" and which I have perfect sustainable habitat for it aka MY BREED to thrive in. I Trust Dogo Argentino's, Belgian Malinois's and GERMAN ROTWEILER'S to protect my family and as my top choice stock of known bred animals to house in my urbanized yard. These are known breeds to be loyal to the death.

    Another example of a hybrid wouls be the BANDOGGES CANIS PANTHERS also created in the 70's, not a man dog but an example of a successful hybrid. I have met one of the originators at her kennel in central California. Only takes 2 generations to make them.

    So, just as you can mess up on decades of work. I believe you can make nice dogs also in two generation as well.
    CANIS PANTHERS and BULLY GREY being the evidence.

    Dogo Argentinos are my favorite dogs now, intense hunters, loyal to death and they want nothing more than to please there owners. Those are the three ideals I look for in a breed.

    Jason walker take a look at what our friends from the protectiondogforum, David Ishee, over at Midgard Kennels - Protection bred American Bandog Mastiffs is doing!

    David Ishee, great pictures of your gorgeous dogs. I can tell you feed them well. Would you be able to go to the feeding section of the forum and inform us on how you feed the Great Dane?

    The reason I got Into Dogs and wanting to collect them is due to a house which was a family house with kids running around and had 8 great Danes. Big mother Luckers 3 Male and 5 Females. Great Pack Dogs. Low Maintenance. And when those dogs came hollering and Big as Luck!. wow it was impressing.

    Rottweiler's are also good pack dogs, family dogs and Do not play! Seriously, that dog rather be working on the floor by the door guarding you than cuddling on you . but depends on what you want. I personally don't want anyone in my back yard.

    Robert R

    I'm no expert on e-collar but I do own one (tri-tronics classic 70) and have a few videos on the subject. I believe the use of the collar has to be approached with careful consideration. I personally don't like the e-collar. I have a natural aversion to giving a dog a stim and haven't yet defined why I feel this way. One obvious reason is that I don't like relying on a gadget that must be on the dog for the dog to respond to me. I realize that a dog can be weaned off the collar by careful juggling between the actual collar, dummy collar and other collars but some dogs still see through it. I would rather use other methods whenever possible but recognize that in some situations the e-collar is indispensible.

    The use of the collar can be divided into two approaches. The first being simply a correction. It is a no brainer, the dog does something you don't want it to do and it gets a stim. The only use I've given my collar for a long time is when a new dog that I would put in the kennel would start jumping and scratching at the house windows which face the kennel. In this situation I didn't want to start my relationship with the dog on the wrong foot by having the correction come from me. But the behavior was unacceptable so I would use the collar. Care must be given to use the minimum level stim that will achieve the desired effect. The situation I described is a very clear cut situation that is easy for the dog make a conclusion about.

    The other approach with the e-collar is to teach the dog to actually do things. The underlying priciple can be called escape training and is very effective. But it's a training system that needs to be learned and is more than what I can explain in a single post. This is where you really can mess the dog up if you don't do the foundation properly.

    Very good advise on the e collar and your attitude towards it. Thank you Dan

    That's true about all the work being undone in two generations Peter C. I believe someone should study about The canine genome to get the results we all desire to achieve. Probobly better just get a healthy/fearleass breeding pair of rotties and a breeding pair of bully kuttas, no mixing.

    But any mistake in breeding causing the loss of Dogs working/Health is at the fault of the new owner. lol when someone has nice dogs he gets respect. and gets to work nice dogs everyday which is what we are all here for.

    I like what my friend Reggie O says about the American bulldog/Gull Dong/mastiff breed and is doing what Jason walker wants to achieve.

    first off the ab is a mix breed like everything else , so u cant get into who put what into which lines and why it works , and the black ab is a intirely different line of dog all together from the koura leclerc dogs , if u know which lines to look for size is no issue have u seen my ab ? he isnt small by any means , but the answer ur question yes i breed my own dogs and have been for about 13yrs , im not very impressed with prob 98% of the breed , if u want a bulldog i suggest u go to the nwda site that i have posted hit the event section and find shows near u , DO NOT make the mistake of picking a breeder online and over the phone , anyone wishing to speak in detail about ab's pro's and con's or breeders can email me . this breed has alot too offer compared to mollossers , if ur truely looking for a hardcore dog look into a pitbull but again its the same problem and its even harder to know where to look and what to look thru , but they are out there i have spent many years looking for higher caliber dogs , and im not at all unhappy with whats being fed on my yard today .…ldog/pedigree/673243.html

    Same thing happened to me today. i was walking my dog and it seems that all rhe dogs around the nieghborhood are dog aggresive but dont mind people. so i wam walking through through the niebor hood and these pitt terrier mix ( nice looking medium size) dog come running to the gate ( at least the owned had a nice 6 ft gate) and trying to attak my dog but not looking at me. my dog is used to other dogs i have him well sociallized as i have 3 other dogs (matese, beagle, poodle mix). Benzo my dog is a Standard AmBull. so when i pass that houe he next house over has a shitzuu. its barking up a storm and running towaards me. i keep walking and keeping my dog at a heel position about to do 180 degree turn when he gets distracted from keeping his eyes on me. Now i see the gate door of the other corned of the house is MISSING! Damn i hate these people that leave there dogs loose on the bloock. Just before i had to cross the street and escape because a stupid rat terrier was chasing me down also. the freaking rat terrieer was following 2 whole blocks and almost got hit by a mercedes. anyways back to the shitzu. Benzo and i make it to the corned of the house and sure enough this sitzu runs put and try to bite my dogs back legs. i kept the tension on the leash lke i was still walking foward at a fast pase and with the back stepp i tried to kick the dog away. i did not see it in the way dan says. " if i tried to kick it the dog might think i am attacking and help out" wont do that again. tThis is something that everyone goes trough when walking there dog. most people dont take time to educate there dogs. i wish i could take some of these lame ass owners to the pound and utt them down.!! Uhhhhh

    i really like this thread. i like the arguments and points made in particular the one about kneeing the dog since i use this method with my dog. i think its the best way for the dog to learn not come at me strait but instead he jumps paralleled next to me and kinda bumps me with his shoulder to my waist. kinda feels like a greeting. either way it was a good read.