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    Stick with a rag for quite a while. Like Brody said, make it FUN for the pup. Everything at that age should be a game. Let the pup be a pup. Biggest thing you can do is expose to every type of surrounding that you can.

    To see if he could get him out of prey. Put him through pain to show him that he may have someone that will fight back. We discussed it before we did this. The whole point was to see if we could put him into defense. His prey threshold is really really high. We have come to the conclusion that we are really going to have to fight him in the grip to put him in defense.

    skip to the 2 min. mark

    Greg Williams is a very very skilled and well known decoy. He's worked major once before on the suit, but after this session, he said he has new found respect for Major's nerve. Yes, i am fully aware that he is in prey drive the entire time, but how many dogs have we seen that would go immediately into defense and possibly run or go into avoidance from this? Prey does not automatically mean play.

    Thank you for your response peter. That basically made my decision for me. I still plan to visit within the next few years, but only visit. Lol.

    Ok my Aussie bros. Its getting a little more real. My dad just got his return call from the Australian embassy and through a few questions, they gave my father and I the green light to move to Australia. I have a few more specific questions. 1. Peter, since i know you lived here for a while, if you were American, how would you feel about moving to Australia when all you have ever known and everyone that is close to you will be left here in the US? One of my biggest fears is moving there, and have a govt. more involved in my life and my more freedoms taken away than i already have here in the US.

    Jarrad- Same question for you, given your last post about this showed me that you are more politically similar to me. What is the current administration doing in Australia? Just a broad synopsis would be fine.

    To all Aussies, if you were coming from the US and knowing what you know about Australia, what part of Australia would you move to and why?

    Also, how is the dog industry down there. Im not necessarily talking about sport dogs, but PPD, PSD, and MWD's. I.E., would you say that there is a big market for a top scale kennel and facility for breeding, training, police handler training courses, and sport? Hell, i might would start a PSA club down there holding trials if there was enough interest. Are there a lot of kennels down there? If there is a good market for it, what region would be best suited for said kennel?

    Taxes. I was told my someone here that there isn't income taxes or property taxes. Can someone enlighten me on the tax situation down there?

    Strength of the American dollar. Does our dollar suck ass or decent? I know when i was in europe back in April, NOBODY would accept our dollar. They only wanted the Euro.

    How is the Education system?

    How long (estimate) of a flight is it from Australia to eastern Europe? Reason i ask is b/c of dog suppliers. I would probably be taking pretty regularly trips to Europe for green dogs.

    I know I have a lot of questions, but i'd rather get these answers from people that i somewhat know rather than some bs website that may tell you what they want you to think instead of the truth so anything yall can give me, i will certainly appreciate.

    Let me clearify that by civil, in this case, i only meant would bite w/o equipment. Not necessarily defense. And just b/c a dog is in prey, doesn't mean his in "play." When a LEO sends their dog on a fleeing suspect to apprehend, it is in prey, not defense. Defense isn't the end all be all drive. Defense is a necessity, but not the only drive a dog needs. Defense is obviously needed when the dog finds out that the suspect/decoy is not scared of them and isn't backing down. I'll say this, if you have a dog that will stay and fight no matter what the decoy does, i dont give a shit what drive they're in. Whatever drive they're in obviously works. Most sporty prey monsters will break as soon as they find out that they arent winning. As long as he stays in the fight, i dont care what he's in. He's very confident which is why its harder to put him into defense. This same test has put many dogs into defense. IMO, if it takes a lot to put them into defense, yet doesn't back down and keeps pressing forward in prey, and EVENTUALLY transitions into defense, thats a pretty strong dog. Im not saying thats Major for sure yet, but thats what he's leading us to think so far. Once he's about 2-3 yrs old, i plan to put some serious serious heat on him to see what he's made of, but until then, it would be unfair to him to do that now, given his age. And for the record, that whip isn't used to turn him on in prey or anything. We've only used it to tan his legs and ass. And im saying that ab him specifically. Other dogs we have may be a different story. A whip can be used for rewarding a certain behavior, for stimulating a lower drive dog, or in my case, punishing a behavior, i.e. spinning, pushing with legs, not showing enough aggression. Its rarely if ever popped. Just used to wrap his ankles up and cause a little pain. With that said, im not sure why Mike decided to pop that whip. I wish he hadn't b/c of this very conversation we're having. Allows misconception. Like i mentioned, we normally use a padded stick or the same stick that the whip is made of, but with no drop and popper. couldnt find it at the time though. But i DO understand where youre coming from Dan.

    It wasn't an expensive whip. He made it. And we normally use a padded stick that we only use for civil work but we couldn't find it. And the whip doesn't take away the fact that this was civil. The lack of biting equipment, the movement and posture of the decoy and the fact that he was back tied and alone qualifies it as civil. Yes, the whip can excite the dog but it doesn't discount the civilness of the exercise. Major would have and has done the same thing with no stick or anything. Major's first table session ever was a few weeks ago and there was 0 equipment involved but wasn't videoed. The 2nd session the decoy was in a suit. I'll post that vid here..

    I couldn't see him so I had no idea about that tangle. It bothers the shit out of me too. Esp. when im the one that is testing the dog. I think he did alright for a pup. I'll be more excited and pleased when he's older. I'll be sure to give him a pat on the head from you, Pete.

    Peter, you know im almost always on yourside, but im with Dogo on this one. He is dead on with the reason why there are 1,000,000 - 1 APBT/AB's to dogos. and as far as HOG hunting goes, I also agree that Dogos are probably the best choice. Even though they do bring more power to the table, the biggest reason dogos are better is their noses. Not to mention the fact that they are way less dog aggressive compared to most apbt's. and They hunt silently, not barking like your typical Walkers, beagles, etc. They were created SPECIFICALLY for hog hunting.

    Being completely honest, im not a real fan of dogos for PP, but for hog hunting, I would def. spend the time and money for one.

    Ring dogs get fucked up ALL the time. Besides, show me a ring2 or 3 dog with all of his teeth in his mouth and if he does have them all, they are about filed down to nubs. Plus, at the end of the day, they're dogs. Im not about dog or animal abuse by any means, but im also not overly worried about them like most dog owners in america are. My biggest concern is the investment i have in my dogs.

    He just got a lot more serious. Plenty of people have taken bites from him in the past, but just recently are people commenting on how hard he's biting. he actually barking unlike before. That was a ton of work in itself. We trained for over a month and just getting him to bark and him learning his bark command. Barking is 1 of a few things that you just cant MAKE a dog do. You can make him sit, down, stand, etc., but you cant MAKE him bark. He was a hard learner in that aspect. We just did a lot of bite mechanics work, building searches, tracking, civil, back tie, etc. It really isnt the training, its his genetics. His mother is Fanna Katargo (daughter of Kato Katargo) and father was Sim Canislog.

    yes, we have done shed drills a few times. The only times we really slip the jacket is when he has never done something before and he does exactly what we want him to do. Next time, we'll either slip the jacket for more agitation, or just choke him off the bite. Like mentioned, he's still a puppy. Hell, we've thrown sleeves and jackets at him and he doesn't give them a 2nd look, stays focused on the man. This was his first time biting in a car, hence the slip. Thanks for the kind words, Rigel.

    The decoy is also not making the dog move the prey. He's just playing keep away from him. The dog has to control the decoy or in this case, the bite pillow. In these 2 videos, the decoy is making the dog move. Nothing he is doing is helpful for a year old dog, despite the previous training, and the fact that rotts are slow maturing dogs. There is no correlation with the decoy being the bad guy/threat. You should probably find a new decoy. Be it that you are in So Cal, that shouldnt be that hard. Tons of dog trainers down there.