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    Yes Deftones are awesome!

    We have (3) GoPro 3 black editions (they should sponsor our company =) they are all we use lol)

    I will definitely follow back! thanks for the support.

    hi james, welcome. what line/s of gsd you working or have had success with?

    personally not a fan of those yapping little hyper other shepherds...jk

    Well we have a smaller German working line GSD's out of Lump vom dunklen Zwinger. They are a bit like "the other shepherds" lol We really mean working =)

    As to the videos, we are always posting up videos on our YouTube channel. (it is linked on the bottom of our website for anyone interested.

    Here is one just to wet the whistle. We are trying to make them a little more entertaining for the non dog people so you will have to bear with them =)

    Mishka - personal protection dog in action - YouTube

    Yeah the fur saver is a more an "everyday collar". In Schutzhund you have to have one, so some people get very attached to them. I like to use a prong when I need to make corrections (except on younger or new dogs) After that I can use really any collar once the dog understands whats expected of them. I don't feel that the fur saver is bad though, just that it is an everyday kind of collar and not as useful a training tool. Your millage may vary.

    Hi my name is James Reed, and I am from Northern California (SAC/Roseville and Yuba City/Marysville). My brother and I have a dog training business called, Reed Dog Training. We focus on protection dogs and breed Dutch shepherd / Malinois and working line GSD's. We also have an IPO club (Reed Dog Training IPO club) and have trained in that dog sport for a while. I hope to be able to contribute to the discussion and pick up a few tips from the other "steely eyed commandos" :toast1: