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    Also, after reading your post. My dog will definitely bite without training equipment. I used a decoy a couple times who agitated without any equipment. Just short pants and a T-shirt. Yugo fired out as soon as the decoy seemed threatening. He tried for several bites as the decoy came in close to me. That's what really got me thinking about all this. Wish I could've kept that decoy but he's a long way from me and not available often.

    Dan, thanks. I agree 100% but was not sure due to my lack of experience. My previous decoy seemed to rely too much on equipment. I could even say he made my dog more dependent on the sleeve than he originally was. He would come over, put on sleeve; agitate the dog; give him a few bites; give him sleeve; then go home. In retrospect I should have asked for more. My dog was already trained to protect against gun, knife, etc. Was trained to clear a house, trained to protect car. However, since I purchased him from oversees we never had the opportunity to see him demonstrate. (That's a different story all together for a different thread). What I really wanted was for my wife and daughter to feel confident that the dog would protect them in different situations. Also, I wanted the dog to bond with our family and become territorial over our home. I wanted to run scenario based problems to see how the dog would react under different circumstances.

    We've had the dog over a year now. He has completely bonded with our family. Protective of our home, but civil to guests. I'm just trying to learn as much as I can so when I get a new decoy I can setup training scenarios to make things new and exciting for the dog. I want to be able to train with the dog in a way not to set him back and learn bad habits. I want to make finding the intruder his reward, not a sleeve. I know the dog does full body bites, but most decoys I've met only have sleeves. Would it be worthwhile for me to purchase a bite suit for my decoy to use during training?

    I know my questions are all over the place, but I'm new and excited about this whole thing and want to learn and do things right. I've got hundreds of questions floating around and try to do research before asking. Anyhow, thanks for the help!

    If this question has already been asked; forgive me.

    If you're doing scenario training with your dog, i.e. someone hiding in closet, intruder through window, etc. Do you always have to let the dog have sleeve as a reward afterwards? I've noticed many decoys slide out of the sleeve to reward the dog. My last decoy would wear a hidden sleeve and take off his jacket while the dog was biting to let him have it. How does this ultimately affect the dog's training?


    Thanks Dave. I may call them tomorrow to see if they know anyone in the Atlanta area. Watched some Youtube videos of Bullocks K9. Man I wished I lived closer!

    Major .... I emailed the retired K9 officer who was my original decoy. He said he has an old friend from North Carolina that has a school for training trainers. He is trying to get me a phone number to see if they have a contact for my local area. Do you have any idea who this might be? I figured there couldn't be too many schools in NC that train decoys.

    Dave, I have a facebook page with my wife: Craigand Deeanna Cardell.
    and heck ... my wife and I usually fly somewhere a couple times a month in our Mooney to get away. Pitt-Greenville is only 1:55 minutes away. lol
    Don't know how Yugo would do, he's never flown with us. Be interesting to find out.

    Last year I purchased a 3 year old German Shepherd protection dog. I located a retired Police K9 trainer that worked with me for several months. We started with on leash / off leash obedience to help with bonding phase; then into bite work. Shortly afterwards, the trainer moved to Texas and I'm back to square one. I would like to find someone in my area (30 miles south of Atlanta) to train with. Thanks for any help!

    Hello everyone! I've been interested in personal protection dogs for a very long time. I finally pulled the trigger and purchased a 3 year old German Shepherd named Yugo approximately one year ago. He was purchased from Serbia and considered fully trained. I learned a very valuable lesson from purchasing a "sight unseen" dog. Though he was trained to some degree, it was nowhere near the training they claimed. Thankfully, I found a retired Police K9 officer who helped me along the way. However, he recently moved away and I'm square one again. I've learned so much over the last year and Yugo has strongly bonded with my family. He is a great dog and has plenty potential. I'm hoping to learn a lot and possibly make some contacts through the forum. Thanks for allowing me to join and I look forward to getting to know everyone.