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    Hey Sergio. High threshold very confident puppies, according to Michaels Ellis, if you do too much puppy bite work with them you can raise their thresholds and later on they will become dull, stuck in prey, and not perceive a threat. I'm not sure If Michael Ellis knows what he's talking about, but for now I'm going to err on the side of caution.

    Thank u for the advice. My Leerburg videos agree with you. They actually recommend something like grabbing the pup by the scruff and showing them whose in charge. However, they are training shepards and Mals which are typically hard dogs. I have a bandog which I believe are handler soft. Anyway, I'm leaning towards your advice for the moment but waiting for a few more heavy hitters like yourself to advise. Thanks Sergio!

    Hey Dan. My goals are to turn the puppies on to the work and familiarize them with the equipment which is what Michael Ellis from Leerburg describes as the main goal in protection work in the pre teething stage. My second goal for playing tug during the pre teething stage is to increase the confidence of a highly motivated but nervous puppy by putting them into drive while playing tug. Thing is, I'm not qualified to determine my puppies temperament, so in order to avoid reducing the puppies pray drive by doing to much puppy bit work my plan is to play tug only a few times. Anyway... As I'm writing I'm remembering that the Kohler Method does not involve Any puppy bite work which is what the pups will be trained in. Maybe I should just 86 tugging?

    Guys, this is my first time owning a high drive puppy, and I need some advice on how to handle him because he is bitting my hands while playing tug and sometimes my ankles. Yesterday, he pulled my shorts down to my knees! Lol. Thing is, it's kinda cute now, but it won't be lol in six months from now. I think I'm part of the problem. I m thinking that I should have two tugs with me , so that I won't have to reach in and take the tug from him. I can just redirect his attention to the other tug while he's busy thrashing the first one. I think I need a longer tug too. Anyway... Let's assume that he's already developed a habiit of targeting my hands and ankles. How do I get him to stop bitting me without diminishing his drives? Thanks


    They are beautiful, wild, bold, and innocent. I love them. The male follows me everywhere and has high prey drive. The female is less enthusiastic right now. I think the plane ride temporarily zapped her mind a bit and she has some diarreah. She'll come around. I'm feeding them Tast of the Wild puppy food which has lots of good stuff in it. Anyway... I'm very happy with them. I'll snap a few picts and post them this weekend. Thanks for asking Dan. I have some questions about raising pups together but I'm freakin' tuckered! Hillbilly parlance for I'm tired and must rest.

    Hey Dan, thank you. Yes, they are from different litters. The female pup is out of Preacher Man which we discussed before. The male pup's sire, Wrecker, is 130 lbs and he looks like he's been bench pressing. As you can imagine I'm pretty excited about this adventure. I'm also quite eager for you to be with the dogs.

    Yes, pups. I purchased a male and a female Bandog. I know that I will have my hands full, but I'm single and do not have any kids. I can handle this, and I think I'm ready. I purchased two x pens, toys, treats, and several bags of Taste of the Wild puppy food. I'm watching my Leerburg videos again and getting ready for house training.

    Dogs that feel pressure and react defensively are often too sharp and have lower thresholds. It's an idea I've been struggling with for a while, I like a dog that reacts on his own but not at the expense of stability and the ability to take pressure in the fight.

    When you say lower thresholds are you saying that it takes less stimulation to activate the dog's defensive drive?

    How is a dog's courage related to its defensive threshold?

    Guys, my pup will be here in a few days, and I was wondering if you wouldn't mind giving me a few tips on how to raise a working puppy? Not asking for training tips but rather just some basic info on how to raise the pup. Should I let her run around with my other two dogs in the backyard? Provided she's safe of course. My tentative plan is to keep her separate from them in an x pen. I also plan on following Leerburg's advice on socializing her by taking her paces but not allowing people to touch her. Anyway.. .Do you guys have a tip or two please. Thank you

    Maybe I should explain my goals for the dog. Well, I'd like the dog to guard the property when I'm at home or away. Also, i want the dog to bite and release on command. I think that's it. I don't need her to chase down anyone nor am I interested in a bark and hold.

    That was hard to watch. it seems like it took them way too long to grab both dogs by the back legs and pull them apart. How close would you say a few of the people where to being bitten?

    Are those dogs in fight drive? Let's see there's prey drive, defensive drive, fight drive,and rank drive. In one of my Leerburg videos Ed Frawley describes fight drive as having the forwardness of prey with the experience of defense. He says that a dog in fight drive has come to see the helper as a fighting partner. From a different source I read that fight drive is not really a drive at all because it's not a behavior that's motivated to preserve the species. Fight drive is fighting for the sake of fighting and therefore should not be considered a drive.

    Dan, would you elaborate please?

    Well the breeder has assured me that the brindle pup I had my eye on is a good candidate for pp work and has provided me with a written guarantee that allows me to exchange the pup should she wash out of the training. Dan, I have a vague memory of reading in a post somewhere that the sire, Preacher Man, weighs 85lbs. Not sure why he doesn't post it at his website, though. Incidentally, the breeder, Lee Robisnon, was a pleasure to do business with. He answered all of my many emails and even provided me with a few tips on pp training. Anyway... The puppy will be here in a few days... Man, I feel like a kid waiting for Christmas.

    Hey guys I'm very curious as to how much weight you place on puppy tests done by breeders that are supposed to predict the puppies future potential for pp work? I am in the process of buying a puppy, and I have given the breeder the task of selecting a pup for me. At this point I have seen one video with puppies chasing and biting a rag. In the video the breeder praises the two smallest female pups in the litter for being the most tenacious on the rag. The video was made for myself and the buyer who has the second pick female. The largest female has already been selected by the breeder. There are four females available, and I have the third pick. In the ten minute video the two smallest females do seem to be very active on the rag. However, isn't it possibly that the large brindle pup that I have my eye on will display a greater interest in the activity the next time on the rag? She was on the rag part of the time, and she did chase the kid around that had the rag. Anyway... I've asked the breeder to take a short video of just the females that are available. That's a reasonable request isn't it?

    It's just a lot of money to end up with the smallest puppy in the whole litter.

    Hey guys, so I just noticed that there is no prey development phase in the Koehler Method. Instead the initial goal is to create suspicion in the dog and build his confidence. In the KM the decoy does not run around like prey, he oozes from concealment and skuttles along like a crab. Will I set my dog's training back if I develop its prey drive before she goes through her Koehler training? If I believe Ed Frawley from Leerburg, then I absolutely must encourage the dogs prey drive or it will have no where to go mentally when it's stressed in defense. I think that's how he puts it.
    Thank u.