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    Yeah, the big head has a weird but visceral appeal. A friend of mine was recently talking about it with respect to Labs. She didn't know large head size is a secondary male characteristic brought on by testosterone which explains why, while some female have them, they're much more common in males. I think many of us equate head size with bite strength, and while there might be some relation, i.e. larger bone area allows a greater mass of muscle, there are also various other factors that play in (muscle attachment points and fiber type profile to name just two). It's also interesting to note that two African animals known for bite strength have relatively small heads.

    The spotted hyena which has arguably some of the most fearsome bone crushing dentition has a small head relative to its size. And I've recently heard on a documentary that wild African dogs, those thin, little looking, multi-colored dogs have the strongest bite, based on size, of any land predator. I was really surprised to hear that but it makes sense from an evolutionary point of view. They are so much smaller than some other predators that when they bring down prey, they've got to strip it really quickly. I understand they are among the fastest of all animals in stripping a carcass. Who would've guessed?

    I admit I've always liked the look of larger headed dogs even though I've met very some sweet Borzois! ;)

    Thank you both for making me feel welcome. I'm not looking to create a new breed or mutt. My first choice would be to find an unspayed female Rottweiler that is either for purchase or that someone is willing to breed to an unpapered male. A female malamute would be a less desirable second choice option... and I've purposely not capitalized. I mean an old school malamute rather than a show bred Alaskan Malamute.

    I'd prefer this to be a joint venture with someone with whom I develop a trusting relationship, as my work would make caring for pups pretty unfeasible. That's also why I wouldn't consider purchasing a female Rottie pup. At this point, it's a slim chance the logistics would work out but it's still worth a shot to ask around.

    As for Ovcharkas, in appearance, I prefer the Central Asian Tajik to the Caucasian, but overall I haven't been super impressed with what I've seen about their protection behavior. Also, flock guardians tend to be barkers. I knew a couple of different Caucasian owners who admitted they barked a lot. I know another person who had two Kangals. She was annoyed that they barked at every bit of scrap that blew by. In my living situation, I cannot have a barker.

    My Rottie is silent, he lets me know someone is there without alerting them of our presence. That's perfect. A malamute line would likely introduce more barking behavior though I'm not as informed about that breed as I probably should be.

    I would not consider a GSD... or an Akita.

    Lastly, I'm only looking to generate dogs for myself. As you pointed out, finding homes is not something I'd relish, particularly if the dogs have been bred to be protective.

    The dog will not be an outdoor guard dog. I understand living indoors seriously compromises an animal's coat thickness but this will be an indoor house dog like every dog I've had. I enjoy cold weather camping though and, even on day hikes, make campfires to sit by. I would like the dog to be comfortable under such conditions. My present Rottweiler does not have an undercoat and I keep him lean, another strike against staying warm(!), nonetheless he's much more comfortable in cool weather than my pit bulls were in the past.

    This past weekend single digit lows were predicted so I abstained from camping because I want my dogs to enjoy themselves not have to "hang in there." The pit bull gets cold even in his converted human parka, so he stays under blankets. While camping, the dogs sleep in the truck, never outside. As much as my work allows, my dogs are continually in my presence.

    I live in New England and have an unneutered male Rottie I'd like to breed with another well-bred Rottie or malamute type dog from a distinctly protective line. I'm seeking to breed with a large (90+ lbs.) female. Or if you've got a protective unspayed malamute or Rottie female you'd consider selling, please get in touch! We should discuss health testing. Rotties should be tested for eyes, elbows and hips. My dog is not yet tested so we can talk about a cost effective way to do so. :)

    Regarding "Home Protection Scenario Test" - Yeah! That's what I'm talking about!

    I finally joined the world of protective dogs. My pit bulls always snoozed when unwanted strangers came through camp. Not the Rottie!

    From a complete lay person's view, Chad, your Dogo played a tune that was music to my ears. I'm new here and looking to learn.