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    Is anybody interested in creating a PPD certification program? I doubt it would go far but, it would be more than what the PPD community has at present.

    I'm just going to wing it here.

    First, I believe we would need to define what is a Personal Protection Dog, hereafter referred to as a "PPD". Notice that the words "personal protection" differentiate PPD's from property guard dogs. This needs to be defined and explained so that it is understood that there is a difference.

    Second, I believe we need to define what a dog must be able to do in order to be called a "PPD".

    Third, I believe we need to determine if we would have certifications for various levels of PPD dogs and what would differentiate the levels.

    Once we had done all this I believe it could be beneficial to invite known PPD trainers and handlers to critique our creation. I think the idea would be to create a network of PPD people who share a philosophy and put us all under one proverbial umbrella.

    My personal preference would be to certify PPD dogs rather than have trials with points, "winners" and trophies. My thought is that the dog either gets certified or it doesn't. That's not to say that we couldn't have trials or tournaments, but it wouldn't be the basis of our existence. Again, the idea is to create a certification program for PPD dogs that is known and recognized by the PPD community.


    I agree. What do you think are good possible exercises/situations to test the dog?

    A whole sleu of quality, realistic scenarios can be created. What I don't like is the constant repetition of particular scenarios from one trial to the next and so on. Weak dogs can be conditioned to get through a particular exercise but can be exposed in one in which they are not intimately familiar. I'm just saying, mix it up.

    The PPD world could use a nationally recognized certification program. We'll probably have peace in the middle east before that happens.

    For my situation I look for a dog in whom suspicion can be instilled. For certain applications I'd prefer a more naturally suspicious dog.

    Do you believe that when a dog is naturally suspicious and consequently less reliable around strange people, that it is necessarily weaker when it comes to fighting a man than a more stable dog?


    There have been a number of so-called "protection based" sport venues in which alleged PPD's can compete for points and titles. I believe, from what I have seen, that they miss the mark. They do the same, tired routines ad nauseam. Actually, I guess I think it's ok for an entry level title, but beyond that the exercises should vary. Also, the handler should NOT have any advance knowledge of what the exercise will entail. A complete PPD will have done bitework in many different scenarios and in many different settings and thus it should be able to go into a new setting and respond as required. If it can't then either the training was incomplete or the dog is not street worthy.

    I would like to see a ppd sport or even a certification program wherein the participants do not know the exact scenarios that they and their dog will encounter. I believe that such a program would be better able to differentiate true PPD dogs from conditioned sport dogs.

    My nearly 17 month old Fiona is a very suspicous, aloof and aggressive little bitch. Honestly, I don't know if this is a reflection of poor nerves or if, in fact, her nerves are ok but she was simply bred (she comes from Czech lines) to have this type of temperament. My older PPD, Jake, on the other hand, has always been friendly and not at all suspicous. I had to teach him to bark at strangers walking to our front door because he was perfectly ok with it as a young dog. With Fiona, no such "teaching" is needed.

    In my humble opinion, bite dogs (including psd's) that are frequently around the public or acquaintances, etc., should probably be at ease in those settings as opposed to a dog that is on high alert for everything that moves. I realize that some of it can be conditioned in/out of a dog but so much of it is just genetics. I trust a PSD handler has many issues to deal with and having a "suspicous" (unstable) K9 partner shouldn't be one of them.

    I'm not dissing the "suspicous" dogs. They definitely have their place and purpose. It just probably shouldn't be at the side of a K9 handler. But that's just my novice and humble perspective.

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    My dogs have always felt my arms and hands with their mouths. I have always allowed this as one means of getting the dog accustomed to the texture of live flesh.

    I agree with Dan, work the dog on the man and don't get the dog fixated on equipment. This is one aspect of PPD training that sets it apart from sport dog training.

    I don't mind a "bite and hold" as long as it's working in the dog's advantage. I don't want to condition my PPD to "bite" and then "hold" until hell freezes over. I want the dog to be thinking and to be able to fight naturally to defeat the decoy.

    While I know that you know that this is not representative of a what a true PPD is about, the unknowing public doesn't. Posting videos like this for the sake of posting them doesn't help the PPD image. It is probably a good time to have a sensible policy about what types of videos should and shouldn't be posted. With that said, this is one video that probably shouldn't be posted and I'm going to take it down.