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    Im glad to see someone doing sport work with a presa. Prey drive is more genitics than training. Training can raise it a little but most of it is genitics. If gentics didnt play a factor working people would pick there dogs by looks and the rest would be training. Agiltiy that I was talking about was the training not the trials. Few years of training a presa with french ring jumps would take a toll on a big dog.

    There is a diffrence in a dog holding on yes they are probably locked in prey but there are some dogs that are acutally trying to hurt the guy in the suit. Just because certian dogs are locked into prey does not mean they won't mess you up on command. Its all in the genitics and training of the dog.

    Hard biting dogs are better for real life situations they will end the fight quicker. In sport work it doesent matter how hard a dog bites. Knpv breeds for hard crushing grips and when you work a good dog out of the program you can tell a diffrence.

    Hey Peter thanks for the replys. The dog I was refering to did not bite with his max potential due to his proir traing of transfering grips often. After a few sessions of grip work I increased his bite pressure and kept him civil and he will still transfer. Thanks again for the replys.

    Hardness of the bite makes a diffrence to me. A couple of k9 holes in my arm will not stop me in my tracks from a weak bite. Been bit for real. I've seen decoys in suits give up to hard biting dogs so hardness does play a factor to me. If hardness of a bite don't matter to you then buy a min. Pinsher to protect you. Not trying to sound mean just my opion.

    Thanks for the replys. First these are just some of my opions about them .

    Dog that bites and hold
    Usally hard bite
    Easier to decoy
    Easier to get more people around to help with apprehension

    Could get hurt easier in the fight do to training

    Transfer biting dogs
    Dogs are usally more civil you can tell when you work them with a sleeve lol.
    Better chance of surviving fight.
    Harder to work as a decoy feels like a real fight lol.
    Bites from the ones I took were weaker. No grip work all civil from puppy hood.
    Harder to assist with apprehension.

    Just a few I can think of right now.

    I would like to know what most of you would perfer in a police/security dog and why, a dog that bites one spot and holds on or a dog that will bite any spot that he is threatend with and transfer his bites many times in the fight?And lets take out the legal action of it about minimal force to apprehend. Looking to hear pros. and cons. of them both. I have decoyed both types of police dogs.

    I think a video of the trainers work with sound no music and posting on forum like this one would be good help but finding a trainer to let you due that might be difficult.

    Ok here is a question that might save people money and time. If a novice dog handler was looking to get their dog evaluated and real street worthy then what are some things they should look for? What kind of questions should they ask? 30 yrs experience dont due it for me.
    Dan sorry if I posted this in the wrong spot feel free to move it if you want.

    Any of those breeds you are considering can be a good PPD I would consider them all if you like them and pick the best dog not the best breed you like. Picking the right dog is only half the battle then you have to find a good decoy to work your dog and if you are a novice it will be hard for you to tell who is feeding you a line of -ull -hit just to take your money. Good Luck hope it turns out good for you :-)

    Hi Dee I have trained with this group before there training methods are not sport like thats why they are not animated like sport dogs. They deal with a lot of powerful breeds with owners that don't have control. There is a big difference in sport work and personal protection/ pet work. They don't use any reward for obedience besides praise. Hope this helps.

    Hi George if you want to look at the pics. just copy and past the link I gave you and you can look at all the pics. you do not have to have a Facebook account to look at the page it is open to the public. If your ever in Indiana let me know I like to train with different people and always trying to learn some new stuff. Have a great day.

    Another nice Ab with alot of drive, nice to see someone that knows what real ABs should be a working animal not a over sized head and chest and cant work more than 5 mins cause they cant breath. When I get a chance I will put up some pics/video of my young AB working.